Every church and school is invited

Every church and school is invited to be a part of Momentum Satellite reaping with Ron Halverson, Sr. April 21-28, 2007Bring Ron Halvorsen, Sr. to your church or school April 21-28, 2007 via the Hope Channel. Broadcasts are scheduled for 4pm and 7pm, Pacific Time, eight nights in a row, from Saturday to Saturday. Churches in Alaska and Montana will want to record an earlier broadcast. If your church or school needs to add or update satellite receiving equipment, contact Hope TV as soon as possible at www.hopetv.org. When Ron asked which Bible topics he should present we told him that churches and schools would be covering all the major Adventist themes in their local reaping meetings that lead up to the satellite reaping. We asked him to tell stories of people who have embraced the Adventist message, faced challenges and found God provide miraculous answers. In the process of doing this he will review all our major beliefs and call for decisions. We expect that many people who are learning this message, or already know it, will be moved by God to make decisions they have needed to make for a long time. Please give them this chance in your church(es).

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