WHAT WORKS FOR ME IN… Losing weight if needed

·         Dave Livermore, Personal Ministries Leader, UC Conf

“I was feeling tired, sluggish and slow. My feet hurt and my knees have bothered me for years. I didn’t know that for the most part it was self inflicted. I was overweight. You know how it is; we don’t have a set schedule. The phone rings and out the door we go. Committees keep us out late. Many times I arrived back home at 8:00 – 9:00 PM and ate my dinner. I’m so hungry at that time that I am apt to grab just about anything to stop the pain.“I have a friend who helped a lot of people rediscover just how good life can be. His name is Emmett and he really helped me with some suggestions. I found great benefit in changing my diet to no cheese, milk or eggs. Even my allergies have come under control. I watch calorie intake and most of the time seconds are off limits. And oh, by the way, I lost 55 lbs. Now I’m not where I want to be, but by God’s Grace, I’m in the right direction. My energy is back and I feel like a new man. PTL!!”

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