Lots of Mission stories and resources at http://www.adventistmission.org/

Throughout Adventist history Sabbath School and World Missions have been linked. In recent decades some Sabbath Schools have become more internally focused. Now it is time to restore an Adventist Missions emphasis in each class and members heart.

There are plenty of outstanding resources available at http://www.adventistmission.org/, including mission videos and podcasts available for free downloading, the current mission quarterly for each age group, the stories found each week in the Adult Sabbath School Bible Study guide, information on how to become a short-term or long-term missionary, puzzles and kids activities, the quarterly Adventist Mission DVD, and stories and blogs from currently serving missionaries and student missionaries. Check it out with your Sabbath School Superintendent and teachers, and church school teachers. Encourage them to have some type of short missions emphasis every week to revive the importance of our world mission.

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