Momentum- How to Track Progress

Ask these questions to yourself and at your next church or school board, then let your conference Momentum coordinator know how things are going and if you need help with anything.

1. Did our church, school or institution have a prayer & fasting emphasis recently?

2. Are we planning to host a Momentum satellite reaping event this Harvest Cycle? (A Momentum satellite reaping event is an eight-night reaping series uplinked from one of the ten largest cities in the Northwest)

3. How many Adventist-led small groups of all kinds does our church, school or institution have? (Adventist-led groups of three or more people who meet at least 2x per month short or long term to build relationships, meet needs and/or study God’s word. e.g. Sabbath School classes, Bible study groups, Recreational groups, Social groups, Prayer Meeting)

4. How many pre-Adventists are currently in regular Bible studies through the outreach of our church, school or institution?

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