The New NKJV Desire of Ages is making an impact

o         Recently we have been giving the Desire of Ages to special interests in our Valley Ministry. We gave a copy to a man that has started the organization Knights for Christ.  He is called Sir William as he believes that Christ has knighted him for service.  Sir William is so excited about the book Desire of Ages that he cannot put it down. He is anxious to purchase copies and give a copy to each one of his Knights.  Several are businessmen in our small community. We praise God for the inspired books of God’s Messenger, Ellen White. Our church is so excited with this project and wants all 17,000 living in the Valley to receive a copy of the Desire of Ages. Pray for us. Patty Hyland, Communication Secretary (, Cave Junction Seventh-day Adventist Church, Cave Junction, Oregon 97523o        Reading for February- Chapters 9-15, pp. 76-149

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