Upper Columbia Academy Students Lead out in Spokane Public Evangelism

After targeting a nine block section of Spokane with outreach activities first semester, a group of Upper Columbia Academy students wrote and presented a unique evangelistic series titled “Carve.” Their outstanding website advertising (found at http://www.ucaa.org/Students/Carve/index.html) begins with “Life is full of situations that carve us …some mold and refine who we are, others nick and scar. Everything that happens shaves a little off of who we were and creates who we will become. God is constantly waiting for us to let him be the one who fulfills our needs and creates our being. What’s shaping you?” Another page of the website explains…“Keilli Kostenko, Bill Lenz, Mariah Gage, and Jonathan Gardner are the speakers for the “Carve” series.  They all attend school just outside of Spokane at Upper Columbia Academy. To tell you the truth, they don’t have a whole lot in common; they enjoy different styles of music, wear different types of clothes, and do different things for fun.  Each of them have their own background, and ideas for dealing with issues ranging from abuse, eating disorders, and broken homes to death, rape, physical disabilities, and just living a teenagers life. But they do have one thing in common, they’re looking forward to sharing with you their experiences and how they’ve been able to let God take control and start carving them into who he wants them to be. They’re definitely not perfect; but each of them have realized one thing and that is the fact that sometimes life doesn’t go how we think it should, but ultimately we just gotta give it to God, no matter what we’ve been through, and trust him to take control. For some of them it’s been harder then others, and they still have their own struggles, but we hope that you can learn and benefit from them. We’re looking forward to seeing you at the Carve meetings!”

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