Enthusiasm and Involvement is Building for Momentum- Notes from around the Northwest

1)    The Entire Northwest—

1)     Ron Halvorsen, Sr. will be coming from metro Seattle to churches and schools throughout the Northwest for eight nights, April 21-28 via the Hope Channel with a series titled “Snapshots of the Savior.” (for equipment see www.HopeTV.org)

2)     This fall Jere Patzer will be coming from metro Boise to churches and schools throughout the Northwest for eight nights, November 3-10, 2007 via the Hope Channel. Discussions are underway considering a Spanish eight night series with Ramon Canals, coming from metro Boise November 3-10 on the Spanish Hope Channel as well.

3)     Speakers, locations and downlink dates for 2008 Satellite Reaping are Shawn Boonstra from Portland April 19-26, 2008 and Ed Keyes from Spokane October 18-25, 2008.

4)     “My Prayer List” cards are available from your conference office if you need more for your churches or schools. Spanish cards will be available soon.

5)     Each issue of the 2007 Gleaner contains an article on Biblical principles of Building Soul Winning Momentum and testimonies of God’s power to change lives.

6)     There are a limited number of Momentum DVDs (Three seven-minute explanations of how to be involved in Momentum) for pastors or teachers to share with their church and/or school boards. If you would like one free let Annette.Koelsch@nw.npuc.org know where to mail it.

7)     Questions to ask your church and/or school for February and March and then communicate to your Conference Momentum Coordinator—

i)        How many pre-Adventists are currently in regular Bible studies through the outreach of our church, school or institution?

ii)      How many local reaping preaching sites does our church, school or institution have this Harvest Cycle?

2)    Washington Conf—

1)     WA Conf held a Prayer Warriors weekend with Ron Halvorsen, Sr. the first weekend of January to encourage all members to be involved in intercessory prayer for soul winning.

2)     Bible study invitation cards were sent to 101,380 homes (15 zip codes) from Kent to Puyallup, from Dash Point in Federal Way to the foothills of the Cascades.

3)     Bible Instructor Trainer, Gayle Lasher, is giving seven weekend “Impact Your World” training sessions throughout the WA Conf during February and March, in preparation for the Momentum lay and satellite reaping.

4)     Each week near the satellite host uplink site, close to 150 lay Bible instructors from eleven churches and one group are receiving weekly training they can put into practice as they respond to requests for Bible studies. This includes 29 students and two staff from Auburn Adventist Academy and seven area pastors. Church members in the class have reported personal spiritual growth, reconciliation with other members, and pre-Adventist friends who have said they have wanted to study the Bible for a long time.

5)     At this time there are far more people requesting Bible studies than those who have been trained to give studies. More members are being recruited every week. The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few… (Luke 10:2)

6)     Omar Grieve, WA Conf Spanish coordinator, reports that 134 lay members are in training to hold lay reaping meetings in preparation for the satellite reaping meetings.

3)    Montana Conf—

1)     MT Conf if networking with ShareHim, and evangelistic organization associated with the Carolina Conf.

2)     In January and February there were four ShareHim rallies throughout the conference. The first rally, Sabbath afternoon January 27 in Ronan, MT, featured Elder Robert Folkenberg, Sr., Director of ShareHim. Two hundred people attended for the purpose of receiving tools and instruction for sharing Jesus and the Three Angels’ Messages. Other rallies took place in Billings, Bozeman and Great Falls, with 140 more members receiving tools and instruction.

3)     A ShareHim Boot Camp, March 9-11, will provide training for lay people and pastors in conducting evangelistic reaping series.  Elder Benny Moore, an Associate Director of ShareHim, will lead in the weekend of training. 

4)     Thirty of the forty-five MT Conf churches plan to have a lay reaping series (most using ShareHim resources) this spring and this fall. Many will combine this with the satellite downlink Momentum series from Seattle this spring and from Boise this fall.


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