An amazing and perhaps prophetic movement is under way. It is called Operation Global Rain. It started when a few churches in Central California decided to hold a 10-day prayer event after the model of the early church found in Acts 2. There were no keynote speakers, but rather a group of disciples pleading for nothing else but the outpouring of the latter rain. Every night from 7 to 8 pm, a theme sheet with Bible verses and S.O.P. quotes was presented. We read these privately and then prayed, sometimes silently, other times in groups of two, and others as a congregation… The date for Operation Global Rain will be 6.27.07 to 7.07.07!”

The above is from an email many of you have received and from the website indicated. The website is available in many languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

A group of pastors in Central California Conf has initiated a wonderful opportunity for us to focus on receiving the Holy Spirit Latter Rain so we will be effective in taking the Adventist message to all the world in this generation. These dates, perhaps providentially, coincide with the week of fasting and prayer we have recommended for our second Harvest Cycle of 2007.

          Jerry Page, President of Central California Conf writes We are very encouraged by the positive responses coming from around the world from the call of some of our pastors to “Operation Global Rain”–to join in praying from June 26 – July 7 this year (07/07/07) for the Holy Spirit, revival, and the latter rain… This is a grass roots moving of the Lord. The Central California Conference leadership is very supportive…However, we want to let God lead through His pastors and so we are not wanting to turn this into a “conference program”. I hope you’ll read the materials and ask the Lord what He wants you and your church to do. He is coming soon and we all just want to cooperate with Him as He leads each of us! Your Brother In Christ, Jerry N. Page”


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