Advent Movement- Roger Hernandez, Jerry Russell, Steve Wallace

  •  Roger Hernandez- to Hispanic Coordinator OR Conf in addition to Senior Pastor, Hillsboro Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church District (OR Conf)
  • CORRECTION- Jerry Russell (not Doug Hilliard) to WA Conf Treasurer from Kentucky- Tennessee Conf Associate Treasurer (not Treasurer). $20 goes to Shelley Schurch, Administrative Assistant in the WA Conf Education Department for being the first to notify us of the needed correction!

  • Steve Wallace– North Pacific Union Conference is no longer able to support Steve’s Revival Seminars ministry (If you would like more information contact the NPUC)

    • UPDATE 6/15/2009. For more information see the December 26, 2007 comment below. To read a copy of the Andrews Seminary Committee Response to Steve Wallace (dated December 26, 2006) click here.


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