Lifelong Learning Update

Now more pastors can earn their MA in Pastoral Ministry! Until recently pastors who wanted to take the MA in Pastoral Ministry extension degree had to be at least 35 years of age to officially apply.

The new guidelines are as follows—

1)     Pastoral applicants must have a minimum of 5-years of pastoral leadership experience

2)     Pastoral applicants with less than 5-years of pastoral leadership experience must have specific recommendations from two conference administrators and may be admitted provisionally until they reach the required ministry experience

3)     Participants cannot graduate while under provisional acceptance status

If you don’t have a degree from an Adventist seminary, this is your opportunity to receive one while continuing your pastoral ministry. For more information go to Whether you are working toward a degree or not, you will find the classes offered this May at the new NPUC office building something worth your time. Why not invite one of your church leaders to take the class with you for free, also?

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