Soul Winning at Walla Walla College- by Pedrito Maynard-Reid

By Pedrito Maynard-Reid
Vice President for Spiritual Life and Mission
(Posted 3/13/07)


“Soul-Winning” is an integral part of Walla Walla University’s strategic Spiritual Life Plan. First a bit about the public meetings on campus: For the past 15 years, during Spring Quarter, a tent has been pitched on campus in which the InTents evangelistic meetings have been conducted. Pastor Ron Sydney is our speaker in May 2007. This school year as part of the NPUC Momentum initiative, our student evangelistic coordinator, Daniel Bennett, has added two other reaping series: In the Fall, “There’s Something I Need to Tell You”; and this Winter Quarter, “The Revelation of Jesus in the Book of Revelation.”


 Much “soul-winning” is done in the classroom. Annually a number of students have given their hearts to Jesus because of the Bible classes and influence of Theology professors. Let’s not forget that “soul-preservation” takes place as well in these Bible classes. But not only students are won. Presently a theology professor is preparing a contract teacher for baptism!


So much can be said regarding what individual students are doing. Herold Rosales comes to mind. He is conducting numerous Bible studies on and off campus. He is a leader in the Milton Spanish Church, and has vibrant special ministry at the Farm Labor Camp nearby. And then there is Moises Ramirez, who just completed a “Revivement Week ‘07” series. Earlier in January he conducted a series at the Walla Walla Spanish church, in February a series at the Northside church, and later this month (March 31 – April 7) he will be at the Umapine church.


We can’t forget the quiet influence of the WWC Support Staff. Bill (not his real name) worked in Paddy McCoy’s (our campus Village Life director) office.   Bill was drawn to Christ and was baptized because of his experience in that office. The Beyond program hooked him after graduation. Today he is an active young adult member in a church in the Portland area.


Our radio station, “Positive Life Radio,” is also at the forefront of “soul-winning.” As just one example of their outreach (in addition to their radio programming) PLR recently sponsored the “Awesome God” concert in the Tri-Cities. Ten persons came forward in response to the Altar Call. Daily PLR receives emails and calls from many of the over 80,000 listeners around the Inland Northwest, and from the over 30,000 netcasters regarding the station’s impact on their lives. Many have given their hearts to Jesus.


And a final word regarding Global Evangelism: First, last summer I led a health and evangelistic team to Jamaica to conduct a series of meetings and clinics. This summer I will have an even larger team of faculty, staff, and students. We will be conducting at least 12 series of meetings in the Philippines. More on that later…. 

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