Soul Winning Stories from Alaska- by Ken Crawford

“I’ve been looking for you guys for over a year!”  Ben had come to our Hope Prophecy seminar the previous year, but had only been able to attend one meeting.  When he received the flyer for a reaping event this year, he was thrilled!  He and his wife attended nearly every night, eagerly absorbing the Biblical teachings.  As members of the “Church of God,” they’re already deeply Spiritual people.  But now they’ve been challenged with some new perspectives on Bible prophecy, God’s law (the Sabbath), and life ONLY in Christ.  Ben enjoyed what he heard so much that he brought other members of his house church to join us for worship and Sabbath school.

         Richard had been searching for truth for over 50 years.  All his attempts to find truth in the churches he attended left him feeling empty, and it was as if the Bible were a closed book to him.  His wife received a handbill in the mail for our Hope Prophecy Seminar and told him that perhaps such an event would give him the answers he sought.  On the way to the opening night’s 2 lectures, Richard asked God to show Him the truth.  And Richard found what he was looking for!  He rededicated his life to Jesus, and says “it was like a light-bulb when off in my mind.  Bible prophecy is clear to me now, and I can’t get enough of my Jesus!”  

One of Richard’s favorite books has become “Steps to Jesus.” Recently he was reading his copy in a doctor’s office waiting room, when he started to cry, thinking about what Jesus had done for him. A woman across the waiting room asked why he was crying. He told her it was because he was “reading about my Jesus.” The woman asked where she could get a copy of the book. Richard showed her the address in the back of the book; but then the Holy Spirit prompted him to just give her his copy. He said, “God will provide another one for me from somewhere.” He said He was thrilled to be able to witness for Jesus so soon after finding the truth of God’s Word!

        These stories come as the result of a recent “Hope Prophecy Series” conducted in the main city library in Anchorage by the Second Mile Seventh-day Adventist Church with Pastor Brant Berglin as presenter.

         Praise God for His goodness to us!  

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