Adventism is finally reaching my own native tribe- By Monte Church

By Monte Church
Native Ministries Coordinator
North Pacific & Canadian Unions
(Posted 4/2/2007)

Since becoming a Christian and then an Adventist, I have always had a burden for our people of the Menominnie-Stockbridge Indian Reservation in Northern Wisconsin where I spent my childhood. Because my family moved off the reservation in my late teens, we never had a chance to witness of our faith after becoming Adventists. 

What a thrill almost 40 years later to get a phone call from a Baptist native family from my reservation, who are well acquainted with my relatives, expressing to me how excited they were with the Native New Day video/TV programs they were able to see through Sky Angel. They expressed how thrilled they were to finally see how genuine Christianity embraces our native culture. They are now studying the Native New Day Bible lessons and are thrilled with what they are learning. In March of this year, they will be coming to Oregon to give their testimony to the Voice of Prophecy sponsored convention to share their thankfulness for the Native New Day videos and Bible lessons. 

I never thought I would see the day when Adventism would finally reach my own people. I can’t thank Safe TV® enough for all they have done for the work of native ministries in our country.


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