God Kept Giving Me Money to Give to India Missions

By a Northwest Church Member
(Written 2/25/2007)

I am self employed. I have no regular income. I have been running a high speed computerized lathe making parts. I also have a friend who had been going to India as a missionary for several years. He encouraged me to go hold a series of meetings. I thought this would be a lot of fun, to go and help the Lord’s cause.

Those going needed to raise $1,500 for each village they were trying to reach. This is to pay for an Indian Bible worker, Bibles for new members, a public address system, and maybe some funds to help for the land for a church. In addition to that we would need to find the money for a church building for the new believers. The cost of a church would depend on the number of people baptized in a village. If there were less that 100, then the church building and the rest of the land would cost about $3500. The next size was $5,000 then $7500 and $10,000. The Southern Asia Division needed the money for evangelizing the villages at least 2 months before the American Teams would come and hold the meetings so they could send in the Indian Bible workers to start meetings and develop interests.

It seemed to me that it would cost about $3500 to get the tickets, equipment, food, and lodging just for me to go and if I wanted to do a 5 village effort that was $7500 more. I could not see where I could find that kind of money. I knew that I had a check coming for $8,000 from parts but I needed that money to pay bills and my house payment. Looking over the situation, it seemed to me that if I stayed home, I could fund 2 more villages for those who were going. I decided to stay home and send more money. I felt the Spirit pushing me. A friend gave me $1000 and I gave 8,000 which allowed six more villages to be prepared for those who were already going. By the end of the meetings there were 200-300+ member churches in each of those villages.

Back to the story, I just gave away my money, so I said “Well Lord, You are going to have to find me some money for my house payment because I don’t have it.” I put an ad in the paper and sold a piece of property in the middle of the winter that closed and funded in 15 days. What a miracle! I had been trying to sell it for months but it didn’t sell. There is no question that I needed the money. Two weeks later I got another lathe contract, this time for $80,000. Guess what? God wanted a part of it. Why did that sound surprising? We argued about it and it seemed as though He wanted ½. I said “Well it is your money, You can have it.” So I set the ball rolling for another 27 villages. There were more villages that could have been entered if we had had more money. I needed to pay for my bar stock and other things but the money donated resulted in over 4000 people being baptized. A year later there were over 5000 in these same villages. I have no clue how many there are there now. I’m sure I will see many of them in Heaven when I get there.

Another way I saw God leading that year was when I donated and also sold another lot for mission work in India. This resulted in a tax deduction of $32,000. The sale of the other 2 lots was over $60,000, but with the deduction of $32,000 and some other deductions, my Federal tax was only $260. Deeding property to God’s cause is a good way to further the work in a mighty way.

Looking back I can see that I needed to stay home to run the lathe. It would have been the wrong time to leave. God knows best. I gave so much out of my operating cash flow that things were tight. I guess that that should be expected. I said to myself “It’s nothing since, after all, He hung on the cross. Being short of money is nothing.” I got another contract the next year and I was building a house in another town. I set the machine running in the morning and went to work. I came back in the evening, cleaned out the chips, put more bar stock on the automatic bar feeder, and went home to dinner. Later I came back to repeat the process then went home to bed. The machine ran around the clock without making bad parts for months, producing record weeks. I stopped it only for Sabbath and cleaning and setting new bits. It ran better than if I had been standing there watching it. Considering that I was turning stainless steal and required to hold close tolerances, this is unreal.

I see another incredible opportunity on the horizon, and I know that He has something big in mind. We are to expect big things. My friend if you want an incredible life, give your heart and your things to God, put your shoulder behind something that God wants done and push hard and don’t be surprised if He pushes you into incredible things. May God help you find His will for your life.


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