Choosing A GPS Navigational Device And Using It In Soul Winning & Ministry- 2

‘dena Colon, Co-Evangelist, North Pacific Union Conference

In our evangelism we often are searching for places in a city or town that is unfamiliar to us. So about a year ago we decided to invest in a good GPS unit. I looked at the models available in places like Costco and the big electronic stores, and felt a woeful lack of knowledge of which makes and models are best, in addition to feeling some sticker shock. So I did some online sleuthing and learned some valuable things.Such technology can change in a year, and peoples needs are different, so I won’t say that ours is the best for everyone but we are very happy with what we got. It is a Garmin C340. On the internet you can compare the features on different models, read user feedback, and then compare prices from different sources and come up with much better prices than are available at a walk-in store for the exact model you want.Things to ask yourself and look for: Do you want a model with maps pre-loaded for anywhere you might go, or do you simply want something you can load your area information into? Do you want a volume control on the speaker – or are you okay with a voice intermittently speaking up and interrupting conversations with car passengers or cell phone conversations? Are you comfortable with a menu driven button system to enter information, or would you prefer touch screen capability?  Do you want the voice prompt to tell you precise street names (called “text to voice” capability) or is it okay if they simply say “turn left at the next street”? (Most cheaper units do not have “text to voice” capability. We have found the actual street name to be very helpful. If for instance it says turn left at the next corner, and there are two corners right together you can get really messed up. It is nice to know that you actually have the correct street.) If you live in a city with a lot of traffic you may want to invest in a unit that will also steer you around traffic jams. Though ours is capable of that, we opted not to pay for the subscription service since most of our driving is not in the large cities.

We have found our unit to be easy to use and very accurate – with only occasional glitches where there may be new roads or etc. Jac uses it in visitation all the time, and it is even handy finding the churches and the local grocery store when we first pull into a town!

‘dena Colon, Co-Evangelist, North Pacific Union Conference,

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