Police Investigator Turns Evangelist

by Ken Crawford, Alaska Conference President & Evangelism Coordinator

Shaun Brinkman is a man on fire for God, and on April 27, he will be the first lay person in the Palmer Church to preach for the ShareHIM evangelism program developed by Bob Folkenberg. Brinkman has worked in law enforcement for the past ten years, currently as a police investigator for the Office of Children’s Services. Humble, quiet, and soft spoken, Shaun does not fit the typical image of a confrontational cop. And although he likes his work, he has sensed a vacancy in his life. He tries to minister at his job, but the people he encounters are often not open to spiritual discussions. “I was seeking the Lord,” he says earnestly, “Asking Him to soften my heart, asking Him what I was missing.” He pauses and his face comes alive with his smile, “Then along came Pastor Dave’s sermon about the ShareHIM ministry and I knew this was it.”

After that sermon, a ShareHIM rally, a two-day ‘boot camp’ where volunteers were filled in on the details of the program, and lots of prayer, Brinkman filled out his application, bought himself a computer to use for the presentations and scheduled his vacation hours to spend on the two-week evangelistic series. He has a team of five to six helpers and a budget of $600 for advertising posters, pamphlets and tickets. He is not used to public speaking and freely admits to being nervous, but is preparing himself by listening to sermon CDs of the material he will present, practicing preaching and praying a lot.

Brinkman explained that evangelism is explaining the doctrines of the church while ‘Evangeliving’ is all about sowing the seeds, laying the ground work, and making friendships. Both are essential parts of the work of winning souls for Christ. “It’s not enough to know the truth,” Brinkman says. “We need to stand up out of the pews and carry out God’s work of sharing the gospel.” And that is just what Shaun Brinkman plans to do. 

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