Zeke, the Garbage Man, Is Coming To Your Church Soon!

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Recently Zeke, the Garbage Man for Lewistown, Montana, was invited to attend some Bible meetings by one of his church member friends. Zeke asked his friend why he had waited so many years to invite him to his church. As Zeke attended the meetings, preached by John Loor, president of the Montana Conference, he knew he had heard the Bible truths before. When he was a boy growing up in a Hutterite community in South Dakota his father had read to the family from a German copy of “Patriarchs and Prophets.” He told them that this book was the first of a set but he didn’t know where to get the other books.

A few years ago Zeke found a complete set of the “Conflict of the Ages” in English in a trash dumpster. He was excited to realize these were the books his father was talking about. As he heard the Bible truths presented this spring in Lewistown, he embraced them. He continued attending as the church hosted the Snapshots of the Savior satellite reaping meetings from Seattle. Zeke was baptized in June 2007 and united with the Seventh-day Adventist church. He hopes to preach a series of Bible meetings soon. Zeke’s story will be told on the next Northwest Spotlight on Mission sent to every church in the NPUC. Be sure to see it and be inspired!

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