What Works For Me in… Involving Adventist Schools in the Mission of the Church

Near the beginning of the Seventh-day Adventist movement we were given inspired counsel to establish schools as well as churches throughout the world. Today we operate the largest Protestant school system in the world!

This takes an incredible commitment of time and financial resources. But it can beautiful thing to see students trained to be missionaries rather than becoming mission fields. What are some ways you have found success in involving Adventist schools in the mission of the church? (You may want to also post comments on our NPUC Education Summit initiative website.)

We want your simple, 1-3 paragraph ideas! If you are involved in Adventist ministry, paid or volunteer, we would like your input on any of these three areas. Just post a comment below that can benefit others in ministry. Thanks!

Future Topics- 

  • Having a useful Church Newsletter or e-newsletter
  • Keeping My Personal Time With God Meaningful
  • Christmas Time Outreach Ideas

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