Who Should Plant New Adventist Churches?

A new church can be initiated in cooperation with conference/mission leadership by any of the following- 

  • An ordained pastor or group of pastors
  • A Seventh-day Adventist church or group of churches
  • A group of at least 3 or 4 established Adventist families who know what it means to sacrifice time and money for the Adventist message
  • Conference leadership
  • An Adventist school or institution

  Every believer should help raise up churches- Upon all who believe, God has placed the burden of raising up churches, for the express purpose of educating men and women to use their entrusted capabilities for the benefit of the world, employing the means He has lent for His glory. He has made human beings His stewards. Gladly and generously they are to use the means in their possession for the advancement of righteousness and truth. They are to employ His entrusted talents in building up His work and enlarging His kingdom. {Medical Ministry p. 315.3}  

Strong Lay leadership is a key to success in church planting- Great care should be exercised in selecting officers for the new churches. Let them be men and women who are thoroughly converted. Let those be chosen who are best qualified to give instruction, those who can minister both in word and in deed. There is a deep-seated necessity for work in every line. 

Never allow the interest to flag. Devise methods that will bring a deep and living interest into the new churches. All connected with the church should feel an individual responsibility. All should work to the utmost of their ability to strengthen the church and make the meetings so full of life that outsiders will be attracted and interested. All should feel it a sin to let the interest wane when we have such sacred, solemn truths from the living oracles to repeat over and over again. Impress upon all the necessity of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the sanctification of the members of the church, so that they will be living, growing, fruit-bearing trees of the Lord’s planting. {Testimonies vol. 6 p. 85.2-3}    

Laymen can help strengthen churches & raise up new churches- Some who are not ordained ministers will be laborers together with God in visiting the churches, and trying to strengthen the things that remain, that are ready to die. There will be laymen who will move into towns and cities, and into apparently out-of-the-way places, that they may let the light which God has given them, shine forth to others. Some whom they meet will not appear to be the most promising subjects, but the only question should be, Will they come into harmony with Christ? Will they become partakers of His spirit, so that their influence, in precept and example, will present the attractions of the Author of truth and righteousness? {Christian Service p. 180.2}

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