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It’s free to your church or school and it’s a powerful way to help interests come to a decision and to affirm and strengthen the faith of members. It’s “God So Loved,” the eight night satellite reaping series with Jere Patzer coming from Boise this fall. The one hour program is broadcast each evening November 10-17, 2007 on The Hope Channel at 4pm and 7pm Pacific Time (Saturday night to Saturday night).

Here are valuable resources to maximize your church’s impact–

1. Order Satellite Receiving Equipment if your church doesn’t have a dish that can receive The Hope Channel. It is very inexpensive to purchase and install. Click here for information.

2. Go to http://www.eadventist.net/ to list your downlink location on the public website. Your clerk or church secretary should be able to go to your church’s page on eadventist.net, click on the events tab, check the box for the God So Loved event and fill in a couple other bits of information such as meeting times and dates etc. Then anyone who comes to the public Web site will be able to see that church as a meeting location. Any church using this seminar should “register” in this way asap, and definitely by the first of October. The Public Website looks sharp. You can see it at http://www.nwevangelism.org/.

3. Order your Promotional Materials.

4. Identify potential soul winning activities your church(es) and school(s) are already involved in and focus on the harvest. Click here to see a Local Church or School Soul Winning Plan for July-December 2007.

5. Decision Cards & Registration- Click here for Decision Cards for each evening. Each page has four cards for photocopying. Page numbers correspond to presentation number. At the host site we are using an electronic registration system. Each downlink site can use whatever registration process works best for them.

6. Order literature from the ABCEach evening send everyone home with additional Bible study materials to study and to give to their friends as they invite them. Here is a list of topics and suggested literature you can order from your local Adventist Book Center or online.



Suggested Literature

Saturday, Nov. 10 Bible/Apocrypha “The Sword of the Spirit” by Shawn Boonstra
Sunday, Nov. 11 Assurance/Salvation “Outrageous Grace” by Dwight K. Nelson
Monday, Nov. 12 Spiritualism/Death “What the Bible Says About Death” Signs Special Supplement
Tuesday, Nov.13 Baptism/Church “What the Bible Says About God’s Church” Signs Special Supplement
Wednesday, Nov. 14 Covenants/Sabbath “What the Bible Says About the Sabbath” Signs Special Supplement
Thursday, Nov. 15 Rapture/Millennium “What the Bible Says About Jesus’ Return” Signs Special Supplement
Friday, Nov. 16 Heaven/New Earth “Certainty in an Uncertain World” Signs of the Times Special Issue
Saturday, Nov. 17 Great Controversy/Suffering “We Believe- A brief explanation of the 28 fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.” Signs of the Times Special Issue

7. For Additional Soul Winning Momentum Resources click here.


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