What Works For Me in… Keeping My Personal Time With God Meaningful

The church leader’s personal connection with God is the entire foundation of his/her ministry and calling. But when there are a million things pulling you in all directions how do you make time to bow down at the feet of your Savior and Lord and listen to Him? What have you found helpful in maintaining your walk with Jesus?

Kessia Reyne Bennett (Oregon Conference office staff member) writes–

I find that I need to make time for spiritual nourishment morning, noon, and night – but to be honest, I don’t like morning so much. I don’t know that I’ll ever be the saint that wakes at 4am for prayer and study. So while I make time for prayer and Bible study in the mornings before I head to work, I try to keep it simple enough for my morning-time fogginess, usually a reading and reflection on a small portion of Scripture. To be even more honest, although I’m a “night person,” I find that my evening energy fluctuates. Sometimes I’ll find myself in prayer and meditation for more than an hour. Other times, I’m starting to doze after 15 minutes.

So I make time in the middle of the day to commune with Christ. I work at the Oregon Conference headquarters and the standard lunch time is an hour. During that hour I bring my lunch, my Bible, and often some other devotional material to my car in the Conference parking lot. It’s a humble place, I know, but I have found some of my greatest times of refreshing are right there in my Honda Civic! And it’s made me more glad than ever that we serve a God who meets us wherever we are!

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