Exciting Reports From NPUC Conferences on Fall Soul Winning Momentum

On a recent teleconference these exciting reports from each of our conferences around the North Pacific Union Conference were shared–

  • Washington Conference (reported by Bruce Koch)-
    • The Administrators & Executive Committee have set their sites on having 1,000 people baptized per year within three years (compared with 500-600 now). Each church is encouraged to have a baptism a month.
    • The new conference office is being used as the site for a Spanish Revelation Seminar with 60 people in attendance.
    • The Elma Seventh-day Adventist church on the peninsula used to have about 150 members. When a planned nuclear power plant didn’t materialize the town population shrank and so did the church attendance. Imagine how thrilled the 13 members were when they received sixteen interest cards to follow up after their recent lay Bible instructor training and mass mailing!
    • At campmeeting this summer over a quarter million dollars in cash and pledges was given for conference soul winning. A recent review shows that $63,000 more than the original pledges has been turned in.
    • Alejandro Bullon, South American Division evangelist soon to retire, will be holding meetings next spring. Pray for a suitable venue to be found
    • The Conference has produced caps with the three colors of a stop light that say-
      • (Red light- Stop) Seek Jesus
      • (Yellow light- Yield) Pray for the Holy Spirit
      • (Green light- Go) Take Jesus to the World
  • Oregon Conference (reported by Paul Johnson)
    • About 45 churches hosted the “Out of Thin Air” event with Shawn Boonstra dealing with creation/evolution issues. Twenty six billboards were rented in the Portland/Vancouver area advertising the event and building awareness for the Shawn Boonstra evangelistic series there in February 2008. At least one newspaper in the area printed the entire press release offered by It Is Written describing the event. Several churches report many new and developing interests.
    • Two hundred forty eight members attended an all day lay Bible instructor training by Joe Cirigliano from It Is Written. 175-195 meet every Tuesday evening for a light supper, continued training and visitation to Bible study interests.
    • The first two of six ShareHim lay evangelistic training rallies have been held at the Sunnyside and Grant’s Pass Seventh-day Adventist churches
  • Upper Columbia Conference (reported by Dave Livermore & Gerald Haegar)-
    • ShareHim rallies and boot camps are scheduled. One pastor was shocked to see forty of his members respond to the call to be involved in regular soul winning outreach groups.
    • Evangelistic team Jac & ‘dena Colon are holding public evangelistic meetings in the Wenatchee Valley. Recent reports indicate 50-60 interests are attending.
    • There are 12-15 interests attending the last sessions of a public evangelistic series by Amazing Facts evangelist Jason Morgan in Hermiston, OR.
    • Chris Loewen, an intern in Yakima, WA is preaching an evangelistic series.
    • Alejandro Bullon will be holding public evangelistic meetings in Spanish in the Walla Walla Valley next summer.
  • Montana Conference (reported by David Prest)-
    • A ShareHim Boot Camp, the second of the year, was recently conducted by conference staff at the conference office.
    • Twelve lay and pastoral reaping meetings are planned for this fall.
    • Zeke, the Garbage man from Lewistown, MT who was featured in the recent NW Spotlight on Mission, is planning to receive training to preach his own ShareHim Bible meetings.
  • Idaho Conference (reported by Steve McPherson & Don Klinger)-
    • At a recent staff meeting conference leaders set a goal of a baptism per day throughout the conference (=366). Large churches as encouraged to have a baptism per month, medium sized churches a baptism a quarter, and small churches a baptism during the year.
    • The “Big Picture Weekend” was a tremendous blessing (see notes below under “Union-wide”). Nampa Seventh-day Adventist Church has already seen four decisions for baptism and profession of faith as a result. Eagle Seventh-day Adventist church is reaching out to pre-Adventist parents of students in their church school. Thirteen attended their “Big Picture Weekend.”
    • Cloverdale Seventh-day Adventist church held an intensive weekend Revelation Seminar south of I-84, attended by 50 pre-Adventists. There is some discussion of a future church plant in the area.
    • Each class (seniors, juniors, sophomores, freshmen) at Gem State Academy has adopted a neighborhood within one mile of campus for on-going soul winning activities during first semester. Forty five students went out Sabbath afternoon to their target neighborhoods conducting a survey, praying with the people and looking for Bible study interests.
    • Three students recently made their decision to be baptized in the near future at the conclusion of a Week of Prayer at Gem State Academy.
    • A lay member of the Idaho Conference committee has begun giving Bible studies and has plans to preach her first ShareHim reaping meetings soon.
  • Union-wide (reported by Bryce Pascoe, Ramon Canals, Todd Gessele & Dan Serns)-
    • “Big Picture Weekend” In spite of busy schedules as the new school year began, four Walla Walla University Theology professors (Carl Cosaert, Pedrito Maynard-Reid, Zdravko Stefanovic and David Thomas) teamed up with North Pacific Union Conference (Bryce Pascoe, Greg Hamilton, Dan Serns), Idaho Conference (Steve McPherson) leaders and area pastors for “The Big Picture Weekend” September 20-23 in the Metro Boise area. Seven churches each hosted intensive evangelistic meetings during the weekend, covering the subjects Sabbath, Salvation, Second Coming, Scriptures, Sanctuary, Stewardship and Spiritual Gifts. One pre-Adventist said “this is the first time I really understood what Seventh-day Adventists believe. It makes so much sense.”
    • “God So Loved” The Big Picture Weekend is part of the preparation for an eight-night satellite reaping series in Metro Boise in October by Jere Patzer, NPUC President. The series will be aired for all Northwest churches November 10-17 on the Hope Channel (4pm and 7pm Pacific Time). Every church and school in the northwest is encouraged to participate. Click here for resources and information links.
    • Future Momentum Satellite Reaping Meetings
      • Jac Colon from Anchorage Spring 2008
      • Byron Corbett from Spokane Fall 2008
      • Brian McMahon in Missoula, MT Brian McMahon, of Amazing Facts, has agreed to preach the eight-night satellite reaping series from Missoula, MT in spring 2010. This is one of the Momentum satellite reaping series targeting the top ten cities & Montana over a five year period.
    • Albrechts & Halversens Lyle & Peggy Albrecht are continuing their public evangelistic meetings in Lacey, WA (WA Conf) after the unexpected loss of their son. Let’s hold them up in prayer. Richard & Mary Halversen are holding a Field School of Evangelism during their public evangelistic meetings in Woodland, WA (OR Conf).
    • Fall Reaping- There is no shortage of opportunities for reaping this fall. Of course the major reaping event in the northwest is “God So Loved” (Click here for more information). To prepare the way many churches are involved with ShareHim outreach and reaping, HeartQuest satellite reaping, and the Out of Thin Air friendship building event. Others have sponsored children’s ministry activities, financial seminars, health events and other activities that meet needs and build friendships. Hundreds of lay members are involved in giving Bible studies to those interested. There should be a wonderful harvest in those areas where there has been intentional, focused sowing and cultivating. All of this is undergirded with prayer by thousands of prayer warriors praying for people to come to Jesus and unite with the Seventh-day Adventist movement. Let’s see what God does!

(Click here to read about activities in the Alaska Conference)

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