What Works For Me in… Outreach at Halloween, Thanksgiving and/or Christmas

The whole world seems to focus on special holidays and celebrations. Is there a way we, as people who look forward to the soon return of Jesus, can use these times of year to get our message out more effectively? At Halloween most of us have lots of children actually come to our doors. Can we send them away with something wholesome? At Thanksgiving some churches feed the homeless or provide baskets of food for those in need. At Christmastime, what programs or activities have you found helpful in communicating our message? We would love to hear from you.

Mike Vitamvas (Mike@MemoryCross.com) shared this comment–

While searching for ideas to share the Gospel at Halloween I came across your site and would like to tell you about a product we have developed. It is an interactive card that kids and adults find facinating that contains the Gospel message. The Halloween card we have partnered with Need Him (www.needhim.org) should they want more information on becoming a Christian.
I’d like to send you a copy of the card out free if you would like to receive one.



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