Andrews Seminary Extension Classes

In Walla Walla we just completed two excellent extension classes from Andrews Seminary. Fifteen signed up for Principles of Christian Ethics by Jo Ann Davidson, and ten signed up for Theology of The Old Testament by Jiri Moskala.

The next two classes will be held at the North Pacific Union Conference office building in Ridgefield, WA (Portland, OR area) next spring, earlier than usual. April 13-17, 2008 there will be an Old Testament studies class and April 20-24, 2008 there will be a Church Ministries class. For continually updated information and a schedule click here.

Because the second class conflicts with the Momentum satellite reaping series from Anchorage featuring Jac Colon, all NPUC pastors involved in the class should have a soul winning/harvest plan in place with their church and conference leaders before coming.

These classes are tuition free to any Adventist pastor, educator, office staff member or lay member approved by their conference.

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