Small Church Sees Soul Winning Turnaround

Have you ever pastored a church that hadn’t used its baptistery for years? Pastor George White ( of the Lakeview, Oregon Seventh-day Adventist Church (OR Conf), shares this thrilling story of a little church that stepped out by faith this fall to take the Adventist message to its community–

In June 2007 the Lakeview Church in a Church Business Meeting voted to have an Evangelistic Meeting in October, 2007. We have a real burden for the little town of Lakeview, Oregon. Our church has been rebroadcasting 3ABN Television and FM Radio and we are sure there are faithful listeners in our city. People are listening and are hearing the full gospel messages of Jesus and His Sabbath and His Second Coming in glory.

As a church, we voted to conduct this meeting without the financial aid of our conference. We felt we needed to do this meeting for Jesus and His love for our city and it’s people. Since we were not bringing in an evangelist from outside of our church we felt we could do the advertising and buy the material needed from our own resources.

Our meetings were titled “What the Bible Says About . . .” The advertising in the newspaper and handouts followed the title by listing several things such as “Can Jesus be real for me in this hectic and busy world?,” “Are we living in the end time or not?,” “Is the Sabbath really important?” There were about five other sub-titles listed in the handouts.

We began our meetings on Friday night, October 5 and they continued each Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday nights including two Sabbath Morning meetings through October 27.

We had several non-Adventists attending most evenings and on Sabbath mornings.

When we voted to have our meetings, we also voted to get our baptistery ready for a baptism. Our baptistery had fallen into some disrepair but we were going on faith that God would give us a harvest. Our baptistery had not been used for a few years. We have had baptisms but we had them at a swimming pool at Hunter’s Lodge in Lakeview. But for these meetings we wanted to have the baptism in our own baptistery in our own church. Rony Vo, our Head Deacon worked on making sure the baptistery would hold water. He also painted it because the old paint was almost non-existent. We also voted to purchase new baptismal robes because our old robes did not represent our church very well.

On Sabbath afternoon, October 27 we had our baptism and two wonderful people were baptized into Jesus and church membership. We had a Profession of Faith service on Tuesday at the bedside of a man who was too frail to be immersed but who made a strong confession of Jesus and asked to be a Seventh-day Adventist.

We are also planning a baptism on Sabbath December 1, one of our young people wanted her “Grandpa” to be at her baptism but he could not be there in October. So, we are planning for two more baptisms on December first.

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