“The Experience”- A New Church in Metro Boise

Last month I had the privilege of stopping by the early service (8:30am) at “The Experience” a church company with 53 members that started recently in the Metro Boise area. Here are a few observations from my brief visit–

  • Good location, on a well-traveled road, and a great, eye-catching sign
  • Greeters, wearing identifying vests, were friendly and helpful but not pushy
  • The music was easy to follow because words were on the screen, and half a dozen music leaders, ranging in age from high school to middle aged, sang and played musical instruments
  • Seating was relaxed, around small round tables, with information about church activities in an attractive simple display on each table
  • When I sat by myself several people from other tables came over and introduced themselves and asked if I wanted to sit with them at their table
  • Pastor Brian Yeager had been preaching an eight-part series on finding your life purpose. This was his seventh message. He gave a short message and then this challenge “On your tables are a list of options for outreach and sharing. In a few minutes we’re kicking you all out and turning off the lights. Find some friends, go out and make a difference in someone’s life today, then come back in 45 minutes when we will all share what happened when we went out into our community for Jesus. Although I had other commitments that morning I later heard some great stories of the sharing time.
  • The Experience has a great website that includes testimonies of members, audio sermons, calendar, location info, how to get involved, etc.
  • Brian Yeager also serves as the radio chaplain on KTSY, an Adventist radio station based on the campus of Gem State Academy in Caldwell, Idaho. One of the reasons The Experience was started was to reach out to listeners of KTSY and introduce them to Jesus and the Adventist message

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