Soul Winning- Totally Amazing Quick Notes

  1. A member of the Twin Falls, Idaho Seventh-day Adventist Church held a Share Him crusade this fall and had 2 baptisms at the end. Then the church down linked the MOMENTUM GOD SO LOVED series as a follow up and had 4 more baptisms. Steve McPherson, Idaho Conference President said “If all our churches were doing this [local and satellite reaping combination] look what results we would be having!
  2. Spokane South Hills Seventh-day Adventist Church held their first “Journey to Bethlehem” in early December, with 3,000+ visitors from the community. Similar community outreach events in Kelso-Longview, WA,  Gladstone, OR, Auburn, WA and elsewhere have resulted in seeds being sown in over 10,000 people’s hearts this month! Soon after the first of the year is a great time to hold public Bible meetings while the interest is at its highest.
  3. A successful evangelist recent shared this thought- “The only problem I am finding almost everywhere I go is that people tend to get excited too late, usually after the meetings have already begun. I wish they would get excited five months before the meetings and start working with their friends. If they did this I think we would have much more reaping during “reaping meetings.”
  4. How Spanish Women’s Ministries in the Oregon Conference became focused on soul winning (shared by Roger Hernandez, Hispanic Ministries Coordinator, Oregon Conference)–
    • The women of the conference were equipped at Spanish campmeeting with a series of Bible studies prepared by the Hispanic Ministries department in a 120 degree tent this summer. The name: From Woman to Woman…To Christ. All churches received the material. Some requested more.
    • The women gave the Bible Studies.
    • The women made decisions for baptism.
    • The women are baptized at the Women’s Retreat. Twenty two of them descend into the waters. Some for the first time. They return home. All this produces joy in heaven.
    • At their baptism the women were given more Bible Study guides for more women to meet Jesus. The cycle continues. (I like those kinds of vicious cycles)
    • Cost to the conference: Around $2,000 (materials, training, assistance with retreat fees for baptized new members)
  5. We have recently seen many dozens of people accept Jesus and be added to the Advent Movement through the efforts of our NPUC Evangelists (Lyle & Peggy Albrecht, Jac & ‘dena Colon, Richard & Mary Halversen) in Lacey, WA (WA Conf), Wenatchee, WA (UC Conf), Roseburg, OR (OR Conf), Woodlands, WA (OR Conf and Field School of Evangelism by Halversens) and Arizona. To schedule an NPUC evangelist contact your your conference evangelism coordinator. (Click here for more information.)
  6. Over 600 people attended a soul winning rally in the Oregon Convention Center on Sabbath afternoon, December 1 with Shawn Boonstra of It Is Written. Hundreds of them signed up to assist with greeting/ushering, parking/security, registration and child care at Shawn’s evangelistic meetings that will be held at the same location February 1-March 1, 2008. Currently over 1,200 Bible studies have been requested in response to a mailing and over 400 church members have participated in a ten week training by Joe Cirigliano of It Is Written. Colorful door hangers and fliers (“Better Than Morning Coffee!” and “Get the Good News First!”) are being distributed throughout the metro area inviting people to enjoy Shawn’s daily 6:00am TV broadcast on local channel 32 as they are getting ready for work. Portland is our second largest mission field in the NPUC after Seattle-Tacoma. Pray for the people of Portland!
  7. Ramon Canals, NPUC VP for Hispanic Ministries, recently complete a one week reaping series in each of the following places- Medford, OR, Madrid & Valencia, Spain and Houston, TX with many new believers added to the churches and new Bible studies begun.
  8. Monte Church, NPUC & Canada Native Ministries Director, recently completed a full evangelistic series in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada with thrilling results.
  9. One Hundred sixty seven lay members recently attended a ShareHim soul winning training Boot Camp at Camp MiVoden (UC Conf) and are ready to return to their communities to tell people about Jesus and the Adventist message!


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