Anchorage & Portland Have Major Reaping Activities

About 2/3 of the 13 million people who live in the northwest live in one of our top ten largest metro areas. Let’s pray that God will help us connect with the honest-in-heart and invite them to follow Jesus and prepare for His return. Here is information about major initiatives in Anchorage and Portland, two of our top ten metro areas–

Anchorage, Alaska is the Momentum target metro area for the first half of 2008. Here are some of the activities-

  1. “My Prayer List” & Other Regular Harvest Cycle Activities
  2. Lay Bible Instructor Training
  3. Big Picture Weekend- 9 Locations, January 3-6
  4. Eight-night Satellite Reaping series for all NPUC- Jac Colon “Revelation Now!
  5. Other activities determined by Host Conference & Area Pastors

Portland, Oregon has been very active gearing up for Shawn Boonstra’s “Revelation Speaks Peace” in the Portland Convention Center February 1- March 1, 2008. Here are some of the activities-

  1. Over 300,000 Bible study invitation cards were mailed last fall, resulting in over 1,200 requests for Bible studies.
  2. About 900 people were trained as Lay Bible Instructors and are following up the Bible study interests.
  3. Shawn Boonstra has been on Portland’s channel 32 every morning Monday-Friday at 6am as well as twice on Sunday. Thousands of door hangers have been distributed inviting people to tune in.
  4. Ron Halvorsen, Sr. conducted a Prayer Warriors seminar January 12.
  5. Tony Moore will present an archeology seminar January 24-29.
  6. A Health Expo will take place Sunday afternoon, January 27, with many health tests provided. Other healthy living presentations have been made weekly building up to the meetings.
  7. Hundreds of billboards, signs on city buses and parking benches have invited people to watch It Is Written television and are now being switched to invite people to the meetings.
  8. About 750,000 handbills will be mailed to every residence within twenty miles of the convention center. Thousands more will be given out by church members inviting their friends to the meetings.

Spokane, Washington is the Momentum target metro area for the last half of 2008.

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