H.K.W.H.T.A.- Norm Middag, (Retired) North American Pathfinder Leader

 “If your church isn’t doing anything for youth, start with the thirteen year olds.”

                                 — Norm Middag, (Retired) North American Pathfinder Leader. Norm served his entire ministry in youth ministry related fields, retiring as the North American Division Pathfinder Director. He pointed out that every church needs to have some type of youth ministry, and that thirteen year olds were often spiritually receptive, were going through major life changes, and often had parents that greatly appreciated a church that would help them raise their new teenager(s). Options he often suggested to local churches were a Pathfinder Club (even if there were only two Pathfinders and two staff), an earliteen Sabbath School, family outings that involved families with earliteens and teen units in Pathfinder Clubs that allowed for more flexibility and options than a junior unit. H.K.W.H.T.A (He Knows What He’s Talking About).


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