Sign Up Your Church or School for Revelation Now!

Revelation Now! Coming to Your Church or School this Spring- April 19-26, 2008

It’s free to your church or school and it’s a powerful way to help interests come to a decision and to affirm and strengthen the faith of members. It’s “Revelation Now,” the eight night satellite reaping series with Jac Colon coming from Anchorage, Alaska this spring. (Click here to watch video interviews with people who were baptized during the recording of the series.) The one hour program is broadcast each evening April 19-26, 2008 on The Hope Channel at 4pm and 7pm Pacific Time (Saturday night to Saturday night).

Special Note- This reaping series will be far more effective if interests are already familiar with Biblical evidence for the Sabbath, Second Coming and State of the Dead. We encourage you to prepare for this series with intercessory prayer for souls, events that meet needs and build friendships, and Bible studies and/or Local Reaping meetings that lead into this series.

Here are seven valuable resources to maximize your church’s impact for Christ-

1. Invite your church or school family to become prayer warriors for souls and inspire them with the video clip. Use copies of “My Prayer List” as bulletin inserts or class handouts as you talk about the importance and value of praying for specific people to accept Jesus and embrace all Bible truth. You conference will supply you with as many as you need for your entire congregation or student body or you can click here for a downloadable copy. Show your church or school family these inspiring online interviews with people who were baptized during the Anchorage meetings in January when this was filmed.

2. Order Satellite Receiving Equipment if your church doesn’t have a dish that can receive The Hope Channel. It is very inexpensive to purchase and install. It can be used for other future reaping meetings and seminars. See

3. Ask your clerk or church secretary to go to to list your downlink location on the public website. Your clerk or church secretary has the special access code to be able to go to your church’s page on, click on the events tab, check the box for the “Revelation Now” event and fill in a couple other bits of information such as your local meeting times and dates etc. Then anyone who comes to the public Web site will be able to see your church or school as a meeting location. Any church organization using this seminar should “register” in this way at least 30 days in advance. Registering in this way places your location on the public website (

4. Order your Promotional Materials.

  • Handbills & Posters- (NPUC pastors and teachers have received sample posters and handbills ) Order from Color Press at the following online site: Each item can be customized with your local information. The ordering deadline is 45 days in advance of the downlink event. If you need assistance with ordering, our Color Press rep is Janet Brown at 1-800-222-2145.
  • Bulletin Inserts– If you’d like bulletin inserts that encourage members to bring their friends to this event you can contact or check for Momentum resources.
  • Newspaper Ad- If you’d like a customized newspaper ad for this event you can request assistance from

5. Identify potential soul winning activities your church(es) and school(s) are already involved in by filling out a “Local Church or School Soul Winning Planning Sheet.” Then focus on the harvest.

6. Registration Materials & Literature Handouts- Supplies are available at for the eight night satellite reaping event and for a full local reaping series. To order follow these steps. (If you need help check with your conference evangelism coordinator.)–

  1. Click the “Client Login” tab and fill in the following as indicated
    • Company- 819
    • Cost Center- 9999
    • User Name- Internet
    • Password- Orders
  2. Click “Place Orders” tab and fill out shipping information requested
  3. Click “Sermon Materials” on left side and place order

7. For Additional Soul Winning Momentum Resources go to For additional information on Revelation Now! go to 


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