Why Not Try This? …Identify Your Top Twenty Interests & Plan a Short Reaping Series

How many Pre-Adventists are being influenced by your church for Jesus and His last days message? There are probably dozens more than you realize.

I imagine specific names come to your mind for each of these groups-

• Regular Attenders who have never been baptized or united with the church on Profession of Faith
• Spouses or other relatives of faithful members who are favorable toward the church
• People who have participated in one or more of your church outreach programs, seminars, Bible studies, community service activities, etc.
• Members who have slipped away from the church but are open to reconnecting
• Family members and relatives of students in your church school
• Children growing up in the church who have never officially joined the church
• Interests who have attended one or more meetings of evangelistic series, ShareHim meetings or other reaping activities

Why not take a few minutes right now to make a list of your Top Twenty interests and pray for them by name?

And why not plan a short reaping series to invite them to so they can be challenged to take the next step with Jesus?

This spring you have a wonderful opportunity to invite those who are most “ripe” to make decisions for Jesus and His church to attend an eight-night reaping series titled “Revelation Now!” with Pastor Jac Colon, coming to your church free by satellite via the Hope Channel April 19-26. This Saturday night-to-Saturday night series is designed to help people make decisions they will be proud of for eternity and to strengthen members to win others.

Click here to see all the information you will need to help your church and/or school have the best results from this experience.

By identifying interests, praying for them and their families and inviting them to make decisions for Jesus and His church, we are fulfilling our calling and freeing ourselves from the distractions that can destroy us and our congregations.

“Some who have labored in the ministry have failed of attaining success because they have not given their undivided interest to the Lord’s work. Ministers should have no engrossing interests aside from the great work of leading souls to the Saviour. The fishermen whom Christ called, straightway left their nets and followed Him. Ministers cannot do acceptable work for God and at the same time carry the burden of large personal business enterprises. Such a division of interest dims their spiritual perception. The mind and heart are occupied with earthly things, and the service of Christ takes a second place. They seek to shape their work for God by their circumstances, instead of shaping circumstances to meet the demands of God.” {Acts of the Apostles p. 365.2}

The energies of the minister are all needed for his high calling. His best powers belong to God. …The minister who is wholly consecrated to God refuses to engage in business that would hinder him from giving himself fully to his sacred calling. He is not striving for earthly honor or riches; his one purpose is to tell others of the Saviour, who gave Himself to bring to human beings the riches of eternal life. His highest desire is not to lay up treasure in this world, but to bring to the attention of the indifferent and the disloyal the realities of eternity. He may be asked to engage in enterprises which promise large worldly gain, but to such temptations he returns the answer, “What shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” Mark 8:36. {Acts of the Apostles p. 365.3}

Every true minister feels a heavy responsibility for the spiritual advancement of the believers entrusted to his care, a longing desire that they shall be laborers together with God. He realizes that upon the faithful performance of his God-given work depends in a large degree the well-being of the church. Earnestly and untiringly he seeks to inspire the believers with a desire to win souls for Christ, remembering that every addition to the church should be one more agency for the carrying out of the plan of redemption.” {Acts of the Apostles p. 207.1}

Wouldn’t it be worth it if even one more person gave his life to Jesus, if one more person united with this wonderful worldwide movement, if one more person caught the vision of becoming a fully devoted disciple and active soul winner?

Join us this April 19-26, 2008 coming to your church or location from Anchorage, Alaska!

Blessings to you, Dan Serns

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