A New Church is Born

If you find yourself in Seattle, Washington on a Sabbath, try visiting the new Spanish church founded in December 2007. The Burien Hispanic Group, under the direction of Omar Grieve, conference Spanish coordinator, is dedicated to reaching people for Christ in the heavily Hispanic area.

With an average attendance of more than 60 people, the young church has already seen more than 20 baptisms from people invited to small groups and through individuals like Benjamin Figueroa, Spanish Bible worker.

One particularly high Sabbath featured an elder ordination, baby dedication, baptism of the baby’s mother, and baptism of a current member’s spouse. Another Sabbath, church leaders were encouraged to pray for new members/visitors when a man came in the back door, walked right up to the platform, and asked if he could attend. He was welcomed, sat down for the service and when the speaker invited people to study for baptism, was the first to come forward.

The new church is situated in the center where a major evangelistic meeting will take place in May 2008. Ramon Canals, North Pacific Union Conference, vice president for Hispanic ministries has arranged for Alejandro Bullion from the South American Division to be featured at the event.

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