Oregon Continues Soul Winning Focus

Here are four exciting reports on soul winning in the Oregon Conference, three from Roger Hernandez, Hispanic Coordinator and one from Don Livesay, Conference President–

I just wanted to share with you the blessings in Woodburn. Yesterday we finished the weeklong reaping crusade with Woodburn and 2 church plants, Monitor and Canby.

Pastors David Pazcka and Ivan Cruz did thier job of preparing the churches for it. It’s awesome to see two pastors and their churches working together in harmony. They are not superstar pastors, but they GET IT.

The attendance all week was a blessings with an average of more than 60 non-Adventist adults attending the crusade and more than 200 church members.

We baptized 5 on Wednesday, 2 on Thursday, 2 on Friday and 20 or 21 on sabbath. Several more got up in the last call to be baptized in the next crusade, which will be in July at the Salem Armory with Alejandro Bullon. For those of you who do not know him, he is sort of like the Spanish Boonstra, and thanks to the pre-work of Ramon Canals who spoke to him 5 years ago, we have the privilege of having him here every year for the next 3 years.

I really apreciate the prayers for our next reaping crusade, in Hillsboro and Beaverton, called Healing ’08, where during the day the church wil be transformed into a hospital and at night we will present the word of the living God.

Roger Hernandez
Hispanic Ministries-OREGON CONFERENCE OF Seventh-day Adventists


RED 2008 is the first of a yearly Commission Culture training event for the “top” 200 delegates of the Oregon Conference. For 3 days, 2 nights, delegates selected by the churches were inspired, trained and sent out to live out their faith. There were 200 delegates and 18 staff. (The place could only sleep 220).

*Seminar Tracks: Personal evangelism, Spiritual Gifts, Youth Evangelism and Children’s Evangelism. The delegates received 6 hours of training in one of the 4 areas.
*Plenary Session- Robert Costa from IIW in Spanish.
*Evangelistic Rally: more than 500 people met at the big pavilion for an afternoon rally to prepare for Shawn Boonstra.
*Music: Worship music was provided by the worship teams of Hillsboro Spanish, Woodburn Spanish (main worship leaders), and Milwaukee Spanish. Special music provided by Shalom Quartet.

The cost: $75 split 3 ways, church, delegate and conference, that included meals, sleeping arrangements and materials as well as the speakers. We were blessed by the fact that Robert and the quartet had their expenses covered. The Holy Spirit blessed us with His presence and we could feel the positive attitude of pastors and lay leaders as well as the motivation to “infect” this spirit with others in their churches.

This is part of the three pronged attitude to training:
*Local church weekend training.
*Top leadership targeted training (RED was one, summer is another)
*Everyone leadership training- at Campmeeting.

Thanks to all that made this possible, Don, Kessia and Ramon for supporting with presence and everyone else that we know prayed for it.


PS- Just in case you and interested, RED means: Redimiendo(redeeming) Entrenando(training) Discipulando(discipling).

Roger Hernandez


Thanks to God, 21 people were baptized at a recent “Sanidad” (Healing 2008) outreach by the Hillsboro, OR Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church. Another baptism is scheduled for May 10th. Over 1,000 people came through the doors of the church to see a doctor, chiropractor, optometrist, dentist, computer class, cooking class, psychologist, aerobics and the nightly presentation of the Gospel.

www.tusanidad.com has more pictures.


REVELATION SPEAKS PEACE: The month of February flew by at an amazing rate. The Boonstra meetings
were a profound blessing to guests, members, and our pastoral family. The messages were clear, connecting, and presented in a powerful and convicting method. I am only sorry every church in our conference was not able to participate. Instead of rushing every baptism by the end of the meetings, our Portland churches are carefully following up the 300 decisions over the next several weeks and even months.
I received the following testimony from one of our members who attended the meetings: “I talked with
you briefly at the last meeting about the impact these meetings have had on me personally, especially growing up in an SDA home, thinking I knew all there was to know about our church and the Bible. How wrong I was! I can’t thank you and the organizers enough for bringing this event to fruition! I know that God’s timing is perfect and HIS MIGHTY HAND was over all of this! I was to the point of wondering what truth really was, along with doubting the church. I know God not only heard my prayers, but He answered them in the most MAGNIFICIENT way that only He can! My life is forever changed! I feel as though the Bible “came to life” through inspiration given to Shawn directly from the Holy Spirit. I learned new truths from the Bible, from scriptures I’ve read many times but had had different understanding of them. The fire that has been lit through these meetings will continue throughout the Portland areas and beyond. I, for one will share DVD’s with many of my family members along with my testimony and God’s blessings. I know He is at the door and time is short.” -PTL!


Seaside had a good opening night with attendance of 60, 40 of those were guests. Members were excited when one of the first people to arrive was a member who had been very active in the Astoria church, but who hasn’t been in church for years.

Coos Bay: Steve Cook’s meetings saw between 40 and 56 guests attending the first three nights. Pastor Chuck Stout reports he has several preparing for baptism.

Cave Junction: Emmanuel Beck, guest evangelist from Wisconsin, opened in the County Community Hall
in Cave Junction. Pastor Vern Hyland reports 10-18 guests have attended each of the first three nights.
Silverton: Les Jones reports seven baptisms from the meetings with Steve Cook 

Don Livesay, President

Oregon Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

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