Seeds 2008- Seminars in Church Planting, Witnessing & More

Church Planting, Personal

Witnessing . . . and More!

Join the workforce to reach the people in your territory for God.          

For church members, pastors, conference church planting directors and coaches.

Everyone is welcome!




Church Planters’ Camp Meeting and Rally  

Yes! No registration fee!




Friday night and Sabbath, June 13 and 14 will be a high day of inspiration, sharing, worship, and praising God for what He is doing through you, with time to seek God’s Holy Spirit for fresh power! All church planters and supporters of church planting are welcome! To learn how to register for Friday night and Sabbath, please go to To register for the whole event click on this link: e-brochure.



Pre-Conference Events

June 9 – 11       

For Conference Directors, Coaches, and Leaders of Church Planting  [nominal materials fee]

   Monday-Tuesday   CoachingBecome an effective coach for your church planters. Then gain experience while you coach a church planting core group from your conference at SEEDS 2008 under the guidance of experienced coach trainers.

   Wednesday   Create a Church Planting MovementWork with specialists and peers from other conferences as you participate in a step-by-step approach for developing a cost-effective church planting movement in your conference! Invite lead church planters or coaches from mother churches. Tom Evans and the Texas Team


June 11

How to Coach Discipleship Groups

   Your groups are growing. Now you need leaders for your leaders. Hear people who are active coaches of group leaders. Learn what it takes to become an excellent coach, helping leaders succeed and discipling them as coaches.


Church Plant Leaders: How to Gather and Develop a Core Group

   Discover the kinds of people you need on your team to complement your personality style, strengths, and limitations. Learn how you can equip them to be an effective team.


The Main Event . . . SEEDS 2008


June 11-14

Church Planting . . . and More! Look at the exciting tracks we’re planning! You’ll be delighted by the depth of spirituality at SEEDS.

Conventional Churches      

Church Planting Workshop for Core Groups Pre-launch to 1 year after launch

    This track is limited to church planting teams who want to make a significant difference in their community for God, who want to be intentional in their outreach for unreached people. Work as a team with your own coach as you move through the planning process. There’ll be fun in accomplishment! Tom Evans and the Texas Team, Facilitators/Presenters

Church Planters’ Analysis-of-Progress, Planning-for-Growth Workshop 1 to 5 years after launch

    Take your church plant to the next level. Look at best practices and identify areas of growth you can initiate in your congregation. Network with peers and specialists. Bill McClendon, Facilitator/Presenter

Discipleship Groups and Cell Church

Plant a Group . . . Plant a Church Intensive course for beginners

    Learn about some of the fastest growing churches. Adventist congregations in the United States with Discipleship Groups have a 6 – 15 percent growth rate (compared to about two percent in Adventist churches without Discipleship Groups). Learn the values and strategies in starting with a Discipleship Core Group (for both young and old) and multiplying into a vibrant, progressive church. Plant a group . . . plant a church.  Don James, Presenter/Facilitator


Groups and CellsWhere Are We Now? You have started! You’ve applied the values! What’s next? Network with those who are implementing Discipleship Groups, Holistic Small Groups, and Cell Groups. Tell of your progress, share your victories, receive prayer for your struggles, be recharged with Holy Spirit Power, and learn about the latest cutting-edge group and cell ministry.

. . . and More! Check out these Specialty Tracks!


Plant a House Church . . . Start a Network!

    Discover a church that is viable in the city or in the outlying community! Invite friends, neighbors, and family into the warmth of your home fellowship to worship God and grow as disciples as well as numerically. Bill and Jan Levin, Ed Wright, Georgia-Cumberland Team, Presenters/Facilitators

Planting in the African-American Community                                                                                          

Keeping the Tried and True Methods While Adding Valuable New Features for Church Planting within the Context.  Norman Knight, Facilitator

Intro to Church Planting, plus 4 Personal Witnessing Seminars, the Perfect Platform for Planting

    Eight 30-minute segments for individuals wondering what is involved in church planting plus four seminars that will equip you for witnessing.  Marti Schneider, Gary Krause, etc.

Plant a Life-Transformational Ministry for Gang Teens and Victims’ Families

    Dr. Bernie Irwin will walk you through the activities and teach you how to create a ministry that brings healing and changed lives to at-risk teens. She will have available for low cost a 100-page manual.

Lead a Multi-church District . . . and Still Expand God’s Kingdom through Church Planting

    Pastors, learn how to find time and energy to disciple your members, lead the necessary church functions, and have the satisfaction of seeing your congregations reach their community. Eduard Schmidt, Facilitator

Renew Your Church: Create Spiritual Authenticity, the Thing Young Adults Want in Church

    Bill Bossert will teach the process that he and his church in Wausau, Wisconsin, went through to grow from 45 attendees in a declining congregation to a vibrant young adult congregation with 170 attending.

Plant a Vibrant Sabbath School—A School of Christian Living

    Plant a School of Christian Living with the community in mind when you plant a church! It is an ideal place to develop your discipleship plan Make it exciting, active in mission at home and abroad, scripturally educational, deeply spiritual, outreach focused, and socially based. Connecting people to Jesus in a personal devotional life of Scripture and prayer is its first priority. Gary Swanson, Falvo Fowler

Simple Group Bible Studies: Discovering Our Foundational Doctrines in Genesis and Exodus     Using  no helps other than the center or footnote Scripture reference list in the Bible and a concordance, Rod and Donna Willey, have led many people to Jesus and the Adventist fellowship. In addition, they teach their Bible study participants how to lead the studies. “Although each series of studies is different, God always guides so that His truth shines through!”






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