Exciting Reports from NPUC Evangelists

Here’s some great news from our NPUC Evangelists

Lyle Albrecht just finished an evangelistic series in Meridian, ID. They had 22 guests come to the meetings and 16 were baptized with another 5 due to be baptized soon.
One of the guests who came was a Presbyterian pastor. He had borrowed a set of Lyle’s 3ABN DVDs from a friend and was determined to prove them wrong, but he couldn’t. He decided that he wanted to go and see it in person. The amazing part is that he lives in Memphis, TN! He drove all the way across the country to hear Lyle’s message and was baptized into the Meridian Church.

Richard Halversen conducted a prophecy seminar at Spokane Central not too long ago where 20 souls were added to the church family. The church was deeply involved in the meetings. They are a caring family with a wonderful pastoral staff that believes in evangelism.

So many miracles happened in during the seminar, one of which involves a former Los Angeles gang leader. Nick, his girlfriend Tanya, and her son Gabriel (12 years old), were invited by Brian Reed, the Spokane Central Youth Pastor. They attended faithfully each night and decided to follow the Lord. After living together for more than a year, Nick and Tanya realized God’s desire for them and decided to marry. The very next Sabbath, all three were baptized! Gabriel had a heart transplant a year ago. He received a new physical heart, now he has a new spiritual heart!

Jac Colon was recently in Bozeman, MT conducting a series. A professor from MT State University started coming regularly to the meetings. In past years she had come to a Seventh-day Adventist Church, but didn’t feel welcome. She felt the church was unfriendly and wasn’t comfortable there. Her husband was an ex-adventist and had no interest in reconnecting. Their marriage was struggling when she decided to go to the meetings and made the decision to be baptized as a result. When asked what impressed her the most, she responded “It saved my marriage.” Praise God!

Ramon Canals has many things to be thankful for. The NAD Hispanic Evangelism Council voted to ask Ramon to be the speaker of the NET 2009 in Portland, OR. Ramon’s book “Secrets of Life” has been published by Pacific Press and has been released for sale in the ABC’s this week. This book is a written version of a new series of revival/evangelistic sermons he has been presenting throughout the NPUC, NAD and overseas. Because of the fact that these presentations have been a blessing to many people, he was encouraged to put them in a book form. Please pray that the book may also be a blessing to thousands of people as they read it.


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