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China (Click here for full report in the Adventist Review)

Adventist leaders are calling for prayer after the 7.9 earthquake in Central China killed thousands, destroyed buildings, and left many people buried.

Several Adventist Church members have died and several are buried, said David Ng, a ministries director for the church’s Chinese Union Mission. “Please continue to pray for those families who have suffered and those who are helping,” Ng said in a May 15 e-mail.

Ng said eight Adventist churches were destroyed. The Adventist church in the city of Chengdu has gathered limited funds to purchase food, water, and other necessities to distribute, Ng said.
Chinese officials say 80 percnet of the buildings have collapsed in Beichuan county in Sichuan province, home to 7,210 Adventists. The church’s Chinese Union Mission has arranged for fellow workers to visit church members in the disaster area.

Myanmar- 2 Reports (ADRA & Gospel Outreach)

(YANGON) – “Everything there has been completely destroyed. People are riding buffaloes through the water, grabbing them by their horns, and floating through the water. Others are climbing trees and living there,” said Saw Kabawhtoo, project manager for ADRA’s Myanmar office, who has been in the Irrawaddy
Delta providing aid to survivors in Labutta, a town that has become a focal point for thousands of displaced persons fleeing low-lying villages. (Download .pdf file here to read First Eyewitness Accounts of the Myanmar Tragedy, from ADRA)

From David & Reitha Parks–

Here is a compilation of the the letters and a story I just received the 16th & 17th  from our Burmese foster Son, Dhay Htoo (pronounced like “day 2”), who is Principal of Ayearwady Adventist Seminary (AYAS) , a K-12 boarding school in  Myaungmya down on the northern part of the delta.  He has risked a lot to send this!   As he said in the story- more die from lack of the food and water after the cyclone.

  Please donate to help them.  For a tax deductable donation send to:    Gospel Outreach, PO Box 8, College Place, WA  99324 and designate it to  ACCOUNT  # 06-23049 for Myanmar Evangelism and Education fund of David Parks.  100% will go for their help.   Time is of the essence. 

We had just sent them a donation days before the cyclone so they could finish their cafeteria extension before school starts in June, but it sounds like it went to help the cyclone victims – the Lord must have known!    Thank you sincerely, David and Reitha Parks

May 14, 2008

We really appreciated your kind help for the Ayeyarwady cyclone victims.

At present there are 200 cyclone victims are staying at our AYAS school campus and most of them are our Seventh-day Adventist members.

Thank you so much for your concern and consideration.

Dhay Htoo Sein

Principal of Ayearwady Adventist Seminary



Please, help Nargis Victims


Nargis is not a good word in the Burmese language. It means angry!

The Nargis cyclone left more than 100 thousand people dead and more than 1.5 million people homeless in Myanmar. The damages are unspeakable. Most of the victims are children.

We had to organize our own rescue team to save our Adventist brothers and sisters who were not helped by the rescue teams.

After the storm, the heat of the sun became great. It seems all the trees are dying, no more birds, no more flowers and no more animals around.  With prayer and heavy hearts, our team set off for our life saving mission and we saw many dead bodies along the way. It took five hours to reach the islands by boat. When we reached them our Adventist brothers and sisters were so happy.

They shared with us their sad stories.  In that stormy night some had to stay in the water for the whole night, only their heads above the water and holding the branches of the trees.  Some had to hold the coconut trees when the wind blew and the seawater came up.   Of the people who stayed in the fields or plains or close to the beach, almost none survived. They were swept away by the stormy wind into the sea or to others islands.  When the tide receded everything was swept away just like we swept the floor. Nothing left.

The people who survived after that stormy night, had nothing to eat.  The only food they ate and drank was coconut shoots and coconut juice.  After a few days, those fallen coconuts and juice, became sour and were undrinkable.  Everyday, people looked at the sea and longed for a rescue team to come and save them.  But nothing showed up.

In some villages all the people were lost.  And in some, only 10% survived.  Some who survived became very discouraged because no food, no water, no friends and no more family.  So, they climbed on the tree and hung themselves.

After a week, people became very weak and children became sick. No food to eat and no water to drink. The sun was hot in day and the wind was so cool at night.  In mid day, some children searched for shelter to sleep but when the morning came they never woke up again. Every night, the living people had to sleep among the dead bodies.  No one buried the dead bodies.

One little boy had lost seven family members. All of them were dead and he was the only one who miraculously survived.  Every night, he slept among his dead family members for three days and three nights.  He didn’t know where to go.  Later he was rescued by someone and was sent to a safe place.

The next day our rescue team brought them back to a safe place. When we joined hands and united our hearts together our rescue team was able to save more than 200 lives of our brothers and sisters in our surrounding area.  Presently we have brought them to the Ayeyarwady Adventist Seminary (AYAS) campus safely.

Their present needs are mosquito nets, soup, blanket, clothes, saddles and rice.  They lost everything and have to begin their lives all over again.  I believe and pray that with your help and kind contribution you will make a lot of changes in these Nargis cyclone victims’ lives.


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