Media & Adventist Benefits- Sharia Law in Kano State, Nigeria

“Nigeria: A sharia court efficiently settles a land dispute in Kano, a city on the Sahel’s southern border whose Muslim majority lives under strict Islamic law. After years of corrupt and bureaucratic secular rule, most residents welcomed Kano state’s imposition of sharia in 2000. But minority Muslim sects, human rights advocates, and Christians, especially those who could no longer sell alcohol for a living, protested.”

Caption on photo #9 in “Africa’s Ragged Edge: Journey Into the Sahel” in National Geographic, April 2008

Among Moslems it is important for Seventh-day Adventists to make a distinction between “Christianity” (which has sometimes been equated with selling alcohol, supporting corruption, and violence toward Moslems- see quotation above) and Adventism (which emphasizes total abstinence from alcohol and tobacco, calls for transparency in all our dealings, and promotes kindness toward all mankind as those for whom Jesus died- see Fundamental Beliefs #22, 10 and 19). The more effective we are in communicating and living our message in these regions, the greater the likelihood that the residents will not see Sharia law as the only option for progress.

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