Vancouver, WA Studies “The Life and Teachings of Jesus”

On May 7, 2008 the Vancouver Seventh-day Adventist Church completed a twenty-seven night series entitled the Life and Teachings of Jesus, led by Gene Heinrich, Assistant Pastor for Evangelism. Each evening as many as seventy-five people came out to discover what the Bible clearly teaches about Jesus and the Church that He established. Each evening’s presentation was preceded by a lite meal so attendees could come straight from work if necessary.The first six nights of the study helped students gain a foundational understanding of the times in which Jesus lived and ministered on earth as well as the trustworthiness of the Gospel records. Over the next thirteen evenings attendees studied the life of Jesus from His birth to His glorious resurrection. Each night the participants discovered what it meant to live as a disciple of Jesus then and now. The final eight nights of the series focused on Jesus’ teachings, which served as the foundation to His early church and continue to serve as the foundation of the church of the remnant.

During the course of the meetings three individuals publically proclaimed their faith through baptism and five baptisms are being planned for the near future. On the final night participants were invited to write out their testimonies. One responded, “I find myself wishing I had found Jesus so much sooner.” Another said, “I’ve given my life to Christ and experienced His peace. I rest in the assurance of God’s faithfulness and I am learning to trust Him more each day.” And finally someone wrote, “I long even more for [Jesus]. I look forward to my time with Him in the mornings… my heart aches, longing for a closer walk.”


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