Canby, OR Spanish Shares “Hope for Humanity”

The Spanish group of Canby concluded a series entitled, “Hope for Humanity”, given by the Spanish Pastor, Ivan Cruz. Every series is a great experience, but when we in Canby decided to do one, it was a life-changing party. This series, which ran from November 3-17, was combined between the Monitor and Canby Spanish churches. People who came heard what the Word of God has to say about hope in the name of Jesus, hope in the family of Jesus, hope in the cross of Jesus, and hope in the commandments of Jesus, among other topics.

Our party consisted of raffles, music with piano and guitar and plenty of singing along with our Bible study. We even had a Bible game to enjoy. Our guests and members left with gifts of Christian CD’s, inspirational books, Bibles and much more.

There were about 120 people who attended in this series, 41 of whom were guests who were learning about the Word of God for the first time.

This did not include the children. We had a special program for them. They learned about Thanksgiving, what to be thankful for, and how to be thankful.

Our series concluded on Sabbath, November 17, with 11 people giving their lives to Christ. I can imagine the party that was going on in heaven. I wish I could have been there!

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