Changed Lives- Troubled Students

By A Seventh-day Adventist Teacher-

Matt’s(not her real name) dad is incarcerated and mom is dysfunctional. A dear family pays for his way at Spokane Junior Academy, and he will be my student for one more year. He is a good kid but really models his dress after the gangs in town and loves to do graffiti type drawings-he’s a very good artist. This last spring I was able to find sponsors so that he could go with our group of students on a Maranatha mission trip-it was the highlight of his year, and his heart softened a lot toward Jesus. Please pray that I can show him Jesus this next year.

Julia (not her real name) is a recovered alcoholic, drug addict, and a cutter. I had her in my class for the last one and a half years, and we saw great miracles in her life. Sometimes I’d find her in the bathroom just sobbing. She would ask me to hold her and pray. It is very difficult to give up the cravings that she has had. But now she’s done with 10th grade and going back to special ed in a public school. She and her mom are currently taking Bible studies, and I pray that she can keep growing in Jesus.

Jack (not his real name) comes from a broken home with lots of baggage and a continuous battle between his two parents. He lives half of the week with his mom who is very liberal and lets him do whatever he wants and then half the week with his dad, who is extremely conservative but genuinely seems to care for his son. Jonathan deals with a lot of confusion about his role in life and taking responsibility.

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