The One Day Church

Amazing! What a God-given idea! For $3,000 a Sabbath School class or individual can sponsor a simple church building for a congregation of 100 in a developing country. Maranatha and ASI have developed a steel kit that weighs just over 1,000 pounds and fits in the back of a pick-up truck (20 inches x 20 inches x 7 feet) that can be assembled in one day. Local members add walls of native materials (bamboo, mud brick, concrete blocks, etc.) to a steel frame and roof and can begin worshiping in it immediately.

At the recent ASI convention in Tampa an offerinig of over $8 million was given to assist with 41 projects, with the bulk of that going toward thousands of one day churches.

Each year about 4,000 new Seventh-day Adventist congregations are started, each needing its own building. In addition there are about 100,000 congregations that currently don’t have a permanent church home. For years little congregations in third world countries have built mud-brick walls in hopes someone would donate the roof for a simple church. The rains come down and the sunshine takes its toll and soon there is next to nothing left. Now all of that can change as God’s people are generous in providing a simple structure for their sister churches around the world. The first 4,000 churches have a 50% matching fund so they can be sponsored for only $1,500. To learn more, watch a video clip or to donate go to

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