Why Not Try This? …Begin the Bible & Conflict Series Journey

Years ago someone told me “If you really want to grow deep spiritually then you need to someday read through the Bible along with the inspired commentary found in the five Conflict of the Ages Books (Patriarchs and Prophets, Prophets and Kings, Desire of Ages, Acts of the Apostles and The Great Controversy). At the time I must confess that it seemed overwhelming.

But as I became more consistent in my daily communion with God I found that I had a hunger to grow more intimitely in my relationship with my Savior and Lord. One day I finally began the journey. I started with the Gospels reading them in coordination with the Desire of Ages. That took me about two years. Next I tackled the books Acts of the Apostles and The Great Controversy along with the remainder of the New Testament. This took me about three years. Then I was on to Patriarchs and Prophets with the first part of the Old Testament followed by Prophets and Kings and the remainder of the Old Testament.

I finished my journey a little over eight years after I started. For several weeks I hardly knew what to do during my communion with God because I knew I needed a new plan but I was still reflecting on the path I had just traveled for almost a decade.

Would I recommend a similar journey for pastors and teachers? You bet I would. Would I recommend it for elders, Sabbath School teachers, youth leaders and other church members. Definitely! Would I do it again? I have gone through individual books in the series, but not the entire journey. But I plan to start again sometime within the next year or so. Why not join me for the spiritual walk of a lifetime? Why not invite your friends or congregation to join you?

Blessings to you,

Dan Serns

P.S. If you have ever done this before I welcome your comments below.

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