Junction City, Oregon Is “Making Sense of the World”

Junction City Seventh-day Adventist church concluded a series of meetings called Making Sense of the World. Douglas Kincaid, the pastor, was the presenter. The meetings explored Adventist beliefs with a view to presenting the basic truths of the Bible to someone with a skeptical, secular point of view. The presentations showed how the Bible and its teachings make sense even in the face of objections from scientists and others. The truths of the Bible, put into practice in the life, make other ways of looking at the world seem hollow in comparison. Living this truth, Doug Kincaid asserted, leads to a life of fulfilling purpose and meaning. As a side benefit it also gives eternal life!
A few interested visitors attended the meetings over the course of its four weeks and it was strongly supported by church members. At least one area non-Adventist pastor expressed interest in attending, but the greatest benefit seems to have been for the church itself. This was the first time Doug Kincaid had preached a full evangelistic with sermons he had written himself, he found it to be a very enlightening experience. In addition, a couple of regularly attending families, who had not previously made the decision for baptism attended almost every night. Junction City church will continue working with these families and following up the friendly connections the meetings seem to have produced with a few community members over the next few months. The church has also been inspired to continue a cycle of semiannual reaping meetings to continue building on the momentum these meetings have produced.

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