Swarming Method of Church Planting

How did the Texas Conference grow so rapidly from the mid 1970s to the mid-1980s? Continuous focus on soul winning combined with continuous church planting by swarming (a common method of church planting used in Seventh-day Adventism for many decades).

What are the statistics for church planting during those years? And how are they doing today?

  • 84 new churches in eleven years (about 8 per year for over a decade)
  • Charter membership in the new churches- 2,496
  • Membership as of July 1987- 6,252
  • As of April 2008, seventeen (17) of the churches had merged or closed, leaving 67 churches of the original (80%). If we retained 80% of our members after twenty years we would jump for joy!
  • Membership in those 67 churches, as of April 2008- 11,804 (29% of entire TX Conf membership)

Recently the swarming method of church planting was revisited. If you would like to read a document which outlines the Texas 1977-87 data, clarifies inspired counsel about church planting, provides steps to swarm new churches and reveals potential locations for swarming new churches click here.

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