Media & Adventist Benefits- Tobacco Could Kill One Billion in 21st Century

“Tobacco use killed 100 million people worldwide in the 20th century and could kill one billion people in the 21st unless governments act now to dramatically reduce it, the World Health Organization said… Governments around the world collect more than $200 billion in tobacco taxes every year but spend less than one fifth of 1 percent of that revenue on tobacco control…”    Sign On San Diego, by The Union-Tribune, February 7, 2008

The report “urges governments to adopt six “tobacco control policies” – raise taxes and prices of tobacco; ban tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship; protect people from second hand smoke; warn people about the dangers of tobacco; help those who want to quit smoking; and monitor tobacco use to understand and reverse the epidemic.”

For well over 100 years Seventh-day Adventists have known and warned of the dangers of tobacco to the body, mind and spiritual health. This is why we have encouraged legislation to weaken or eliminate the tobacco industry and helped tens of thousands of people find personal freedom from tobacco. We must continue these efforts, recognizing that only the power of God can fully deliver people who have become slaves to tobacco. 

Here is good counsel and an encouraging story for helping people find freedom from tobacco.

“In your work you will meet with those who are fighting against appetite. Speak words that will strengthen and encourage them. Do not let Satan quench the last spark of hope in their hearts. Of the erring, trembling one, struggling with evil, Christ says, “Let him come unto Me;” and He places His hands underneath him, and lifts him up. The work that Christ did, you, as His evangelists, can do as you go from place to place. Labor in faith, expecting that souls will be won to Him who gave His life that men and women might stand on God’s side. Draw with God to win the drunkard and the tobacco devotee from the habits which debase them till they are below the level of the beasts that perish.”–Review and Herald, Jan. 7, 1903. {Colporteur Ministry, p. 40.2}

“I recall the case of a man in a congregation that I was once addressing. He was almost wrecked in body and mind by the use of liquor and tobacco. He was bowed down from the effects of dissipation; and his dress was in keeping with his shattered condition. To all appearance he had gone too far to be reclaimed. But as I appealed to him to resist temptation in the strength of a risen Saviour, he rose tremblingly, and said, “You have an interest for me, and I will have an interest for myself.” Six months afterward he came to my house. I did not recognize him. With a countenance beaming with joy, and eyes overflowing with tears, he grasped my hand, and said, “You do not know me, but you remember the man in an old blue coat who rose in your congregation, and said that he would try to reform?” I was astonished. He stood erect, and looked ten years younger. He had gone home from that meeting, and passed the long hours in prayer and struggle till the sun arose. It was a night of conflict, but, thank God, he came off a victor. This man could tell by sad experience of the bondage of these evil habits. He knew how to warn the youth of the dangers of contamination; and those who, like himself, had been overcome, he could point to Christ as the only source of help.”–Christian Temperance and Bible Hygiene, pages 19, 20. {Temperance, p. 109.1}

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