New Church- Spokane West Plains Community Adventist Company

On Sabbath, October 25, 2008, I had the privelege of attending the Spokane West Plains Community Adventist Company, our newest congregation in Spokane, WA. Here are a few of the blessings I experienced–

  • Testimonies of God’s Transforming Power. During my time there I heard personal testimonies of…
    • A former homeless drug addict who is now active in the church
    • The first person to be baptized into the new group
    • The second person to be baptized into the group
    • A bartender who started attending one and a half months ago
    • Marriages healed through intercessory prayer by the group
    • The challenges it took to move from discussing planting a new church to actually diving in and renting a motel meeting room to begin prayer meetings in the area.
    • How driving around as a group and praying for each neighborhood led them to their current meeting facility in a community church.
  • Small Church, Plenty of Kids! Although the membership says 26 there were about 50 people present including almost a dozen children under age 8. There were a number of young families. The Children’s Story during the worship service about a giraffe was so fascinating that it took the greeter a few minutes to even notice my late arrival. She was profusely apologetic and made sure I was invited to the potluck after the worship and Sabbath School.
  • Praise and Prayer Time. The prayer requests and praises shared were heartfelt and current, and often connected to the person’s personal witness during the past week. One person said “Praise the Lord for the sunshine today so we can go door-to-door witnessing after potluck without being rained on.” A child asked for prayer for her daddy who had been in a car wreck that week.
  • Sermon series based on the Sabbath School lessons. Roger Martin, Upper Columbia Conference Trust Services Associate, is leader of the group and is sharing a sermon series based on the Sabbath School lessons this quarter on the Atonement. He brought out some wonderful insights that were expanded on in the Sabbath School classes that follow the worship service.
  • Sabbath School Classes. Though a small church there was no lack for Sabbath School options- Three age groups of children’s classes (Cradle Roll, Kindergarten, Primary) as well as two adult classes. The class I attended has fourteen present, and the teacher was able to involve over half of us in the on-going Bible study and discussion.
  • Spokane Central Seventh-day Adventist Church assisted in planting this new congregation, which is part of the Spokane Central District under the pastoral leadership of Jeff Kinne.

Thank the Lord we have a Seventh-day Adventist presence in a new area of Spokane, one of our Top Ten Metro Areas in the Northwest.

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