What Works For Us In… Getting To Know & Reach Our Community

The Omak Seventh day Adventist Church of the Upper Columbia Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

As reported in Evangeliving Newsletter from Share Him, Issue 1, October 2008 (Newsletter@ShareHim.org

Our church, the Omak Seventh day Adventist church (located in Washington with a membership of approximately 120) was just like every other church in North America. We wanted to do evangelism, but how? Nothing was successful. But, in June of 2008 the idea came. Why don’t we go to them! What are the needs of the community? So, our Pastor, Jeff Crain, revised a health survey and eight of us went door to door conducting this survey. Over time, more and more of our members are participating in giving the survey, including the youth.

The Lord has truly blessed our church in doing this evangelistic outreach. We are getting to know our community, and many times we have an opportunity to pray with individuals right on their doorstep. We have connected with 60 people who want Bible Studies and other classes. 30-40 are interested in Depression Seminars, Money Management and Stress Management Classes. Amazingly, our biggest response has been with a Nutritional Cooking Class. We have over 100 people interested.

We would have never found these interests had we not taken the time to go to them and mingle, discover their needs and be their friend.

We have been changed from inside-out. Any church can do this and every member can be involved. If you or church are looking to be changed and get involved in evangelism that is rewarding, easy and fun, then door to door surveying is the way to go. May God truly be praised as each one reaches one.

For a copy of the survey, please click on this link: Community Health Survey

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