Why Not Try This? …Get A Family Picture Taken

My wife gets all the credit. Somehow every year for the last two decades she has been able to herd our family to Sears Portrait Studio or Wal-Mart to have a family picture taken. It doesn’t cost much (we don’t buy all the fancy products offered) but it does give us a great collection of memories as well as something to share with the relatives.

When the kids were small it was hard to keep them smiling and still for the photographer. Now it’s just hard to get all five of us together because of schedules.

One year Jacob, our oldest child, said “Mom, Dad, every year we take a formal or informal picture, but it is always ‘normal’. This year let’s take an ‘abnormal’ picture. I’ll tell everyone how to stand and what kind of face to make.” We said “Let’s try it!” The photographer was laughing the whole time, just like us. She told us later that it was the most fun she had ever had in all her years as a photographer. (Not all the relatives thought the picture was dignified enough for a pastor’s family!)

Pictures can remind us of our family heritage and memories that inspire us to live up to what we have learned as children. Listen to this beautiful illustration. “We have read an account of a noble prince who carried the picture of his father always near his heart and on important occasions when there was danger of forgetting him, he would take out the likeness and view it and say, ‘Let me do nothing unbecoming so excellent a father.’ As Christians, God has claims upon us that we should never, never lose sight of for a moment; and as we are His children by adoption, how careful should we be that we retain His image and do nothing that will belittle or degrade our holy calling, for we rank among the royal family. God has made us as vessels unto honor, prepared unto every good work. ‘This people have I formed for myself; they shall shew forth my praise.’ Isa. 43:21. God’s people are called a crown, a diadem. Satan would eagerly seize the Lord’s treasure, but God has secured it so that Satan cannot obtain it. ‘Thou shalt be a crown of glory in the hand of the Lord, and a royal diadem in the hand of thy God.’ Isa. 62:3. We are secure, perfectly secure from the enemy’s subtlety while we have unwavering trust in God.” {Our High Calling, p. 22.4}

Why not grab your family- whether that’s one, two or ten of you- and go get a family picture to treasue for a lifetime? Is it worth the hassle? I think so, but you’ll really have to ask my wife!


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