Incredible Fall Soul Winning Highlights

WOW, what a soul-winning harvest cycle!

Check out these headlines and read more detailed notes below–

  1. “God Said… So What?” Spokane Momentum meetings 
  2. Montana Educator Becomes Evangelist
  3. Oregon Spanish MilAgro Plans and New Congregations
  4. Kalispell, MT Halversen Meetings
  5. Lessons from Discoveries 08
  6. WWU Professors Pray for their Students
  7. Vancouver Momentum Preparations
  8. Creative Chinese Evangelism
  9. Conference President & Trust Services Director Win Souls
  10. Staggered Double Header Approach Successful
  11. Your Bible Speaks Adds Dozens of New Members
  12. Alaksans “Share The Light”
  13. Vancouver, WA Revelation Seminar
  14. Canby, Oregon Reaping
  15. More Experiences at NPUC Momentum website

1. “God Said… So What?” Spokane Momentum meetings, were recently hosted at the Spokane Central Seventh-day Adventist Church for Metro Spokane. The powerful messages by Byron Corbett and John Bradshaw were captured for broadcast on the Hope Church Channel November 29-December 6, 2008 and are being packaged in DVD format for distribution free to every NPUC church and school in early January for use next spring. Baptisms and Interest follow up continue under the direction of Dave Livermore, coordinator, and area pastors. An on-going ministry in Spokane is the “” which includes a city bus (see photo), website and free tickets to a monthly showing of the film “Jesus save us from your followers.”

2. Montana Educator Becomes Evangelist. Here’s an email Archie Harris, Education & Youth Director for the Montana Conference, recently sent to all his teachers. “Dear Teachers, Tomorrow night (Wednesday) David Prest [Conference Ministerial Director] and I will finish our Evangelistic Meetings in Townsend. It has been a great experience for me. By putting time into the talks to share with others, I was reminded of what I believe and why. What an awesome experience. I would encourage you to also try it. (If you wait until you have time, you will never get to itJ) We are planning a few baptisms before too long. I appreciate all you do. Remember, leading kids to Jesus is your number one goal. Academics can take a back seat to that. Love ya guys, Archie

3. Oregon Spanish MilAgro Plans and New Congregations. Don Livesay, President of the Oregon Conference shares this note. “MilAgro-Means Grow 1,000-On Sunday evening I was with about 250 Hispanic leaders who came together in the Holden Center. Roger Hernandez shared an inspired and practical vision of equipping lay leaders for mission. The conference-wide plan includes between 100-200 lay led evangelistic events and a prayed for goal of 1,000 baptisms in 2009.” In addition On August 16, the McMinnville and Tualatin Spanish companies were organized into churches. Congratulations to Pedro Careaga and the members for the leadership and
dedication it has taken to arrive at full church function.”

4. Kalispell, MT Halversen Meetings. Evangelists Richard & Mary Halversen sent this brief note- Just wanted you to know that God Blessed Abundantly in our Series of meetings in Kalispell, Montana. Enjoyed working with Pastor Casey & Pastor Tom. We baptized thirty souls, thirty precious souls added to God’s church, God’s army in Kalispell. Richard Halversen.” These meetings helped boost the Montana Conference membership to over 4,000!

5. Lessons from Discoveries 08. Many of our churches participated in Discoveries 08 by satellite with Mark Finley in Orlando, FL. (Click here to see a map of the sites involved. About twenty of our NPUC churches are listed on the map.) Hundreds have made their decision for Christ on location and many in our churches have been convinced of God’s call for them to unite with this movement. Derek Morris, pastor of the Forest Lake Church which is the host site of the event, says they have learned some valuable lessons through Discoveries ’08.
1. If you expect a bountiful harvest, you need to plant an abundance of seed.
2. One personal invitation to meetings is worth a thousand brochures.
3. It takes a team working together with a common commitment to join the Lord of the harvest in His work.
4. Every person is precious to God. (They held a Breathe Free program for just four individuals. One will be baptized November 29.)

6. WWU Professors Pray for their Students. Paddy McCoy, new chaplain at Walla Walla University, shared this good news- “This morning [October 30], we had just over 40 faculty/staff at WWU who met for a prayer breakfast. We used the cards that you had sent for Momentum, and challenged those in attendance to pray for 5 students in their circle of influence. We will also, then, send those cards to all of our faculty/staff via campus mail, and invite them to do the same. Instead of a 6 month approach, we’re going to do a 3 month (quarter) approach and then meet once each quarter to pray… I was encouraged at our morning turn-out, which landed during work hours, and I am anxious to see how the Spirit will move and work on our campus.”

7. Vancouver Momentum Preparations. Vancouver, WA area pastors are meeting monthly with Paul Johnson, Oregon Conference Evangelism Coordinator, to plan for Momentum satellite meetings there with Derek Morris February 2009. The planning has included several insightful teleconferences with Derek and Mark Finley as they wrap up Discoveries 08. In October Derek and wife Bodil came to Vancouver for a rally that launched 300 Radical Prayer groups throughout the area, 35 of these hosted by the NPUC staff. Part of the local preparation involved training lay members to follow up on Bible study interests generated by a mailing of 99,000 cards. Here was the response as of mid-November

  • Hockinson Hgts        10 teams visiting 60-70 Bible Study interests
  • Oasis                         11 teams visiting 115  Bible Study interests
  • Orchards                   10 teams visiting 80 Bible Study interests
  • Vancouver                 13 teams visiting, 4 for mailing – 70-80 Bible Study interests
  • Whipple Creek            2 strong teams visiting 40 Bible Study interests
  • (Meadow Glade pastors not available – planning Jere Patzer’s memorial service)

8. Creative Chinese Evangelism. Samuel Wong, a leader in the Tiananmen Square pro-democracy movement, is now an Adventist evangelist. He recently held bi-lingual evangelistic meetings in Portland for the Chinese community and their friends with titles such as “Stories Told By Ancient Chinese Characters,” “Learning Ecology from Ancient Chinese,” “A Close Look at Reincarnation” and “How to be in Unity with Heaven.” Click here for more information.

9. Conference President & Trust Services Director Win Souls. Washington Confernce President John Freedman and Trust Services Director Dave Wolkwitz teamed up to hold a New Beginnings Bible Seminar recently in Bonney Lake, WA. After showing the 30 minute New Beginnings DVD each evening they would both sit on stools at the front and spend the next 45 minutes sharing Bible truths and answering questions from the audience. People continue to be baptized from these meetings held by administrator-evangelists!

10. Staggered Double Header Approach Successful. What do you do when so many people miss a critical night or two during an evangelistic reaping series? Pastor Tim Roosenberg ( of the Eagle, ID Seventh-day Adventist Church tried an experiment he says was far more successful than he expected. He preached ten nights straight at 7pm, but starting with night 2 he also had a live repeat presentation of the previous nights topic. This allow those who missed a night to come the following night early and hear two different presentations live. Some people actually came to both presentations each night, hearing the full series twice. Obviously once this message is clear to a person and their heart is open to the Holy Spirit’s work they embrace the message and unite with this movement through baptism or profession of faith.

11. Your Bible Speaks Adds Dozens of New Members. Pastor-Evangelist Carlos Blake from the Chicago area held reaping meetings at Your Bible Speaks Church in Portland, OR as the culmination of several months of intensive Bible work by church members and short term full time Bible workers. Over thirty have been baptized so far. Praise the Lord.

12. Alaksans “Share The Light”. This summer and fall the Alaska Conference launched a bold four year initiative under the banner of “Share the Light” with specific initiatives and funding to accomplish the twin goals of “spreading the truth” and “reaping the harvest.”  To be inspired just click here and read some of what God is doing through suicide prevention programs, low power radio stations, public evangelistic meetings, etc.

13. Vancouver, WA Revelation Seminar. This fall I team taught a Revelation Seminar with Pastor Rick New (Oasis Seventh-day Adventist Church, Vancouver, WA) and one of his members, Bob Korter. It was great to see people hungry for God’s word and how this message is needed more than ever before. Baptisms will continue into January of 2009.

14. Canby, Oregon Reaping.Pastor Chuck Willaims reports a wonderful response from the Canby, OR community to their “Footsteps of Paul” meetings. He says “It has been many years since we have had that many Non-Adventists inside our church to worship the Lord. Praise the Lord.”

15. More Experiences at NPUC Momentum website. There are more stories (you can post your own, too!) at

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