Changed Lives: A Ringing Truth

g-080305-hlt-phone-1p_hmediumAble answered the persistently ringing phone to hear a buddy’s invitation to a Saturday night party. The invitation was tempting…and easy. Or was it? Not long ago, another friend had given Able’s phone number to a Bible worker who called on a daily basis to just say hi. Able resented these phone calls and wondered if the phone calls would stop if he listened to what the Bible worker had to say.Able soon began Bible studies with the Bible worker. After just two studies, Able was convicted and asked to be baptized.

Now, with the party invitation hanging, Able had a choice to make. His mind still raging with indecisiveness, the phone rang again. The evangelist at church called to ask: “What’s holding you back?” Fearful of going back to old habits, Able ran to the church and asked the evangelist to baptize him immediately. Able made his choice…for God.

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